Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Dragonfly Moments by Kathy Bosman

A young woman’s first love walks back into her life at the worst time possible—she is about to start a family with another man. But when her dreams begin to crumble, which one will be there to help her pick up the pieces?

Seven years earlier, at university, Tessa Calitz wrote a letter to Ryan le Roux promising her undying love. As time passed, she forgot about that letter...but not Ryan, who clung to the hope that she would wait for him.

Such is not the case when he walks back into her life. Tessa is in a serious relationship, and is busy setting up her art gallery in Johannesburg. She has plans to start a family, and the arrival of Ryan into her life throws her for a spin.

He is the worst thing that could happen to her dream of stability and starting a family...or is he?

Because when her relationship and everything she clung to starts to crumble, Ryan is right beside her to inspire her to greater things.

But her obsession for having her own child pushes Ryan away when she falls in love with an orphaned HIV-positive baby.

What can Ryan do to make Tessa realize that being with him is what her heart has longed for all along?

About The Author:
Here's a little bit about me for those who may be curious. I've been writing for about ten years now. I started off writing children's books. Then my husband suggested that I try an adult novel. I enjoyed writing it so much, and it turned out to be a romance. That made me realise that I could bring my love of romance into my writing. My writing has evolved over the years from partial romance, to inspirational romance, historicals (which didn't work at all!) to sweet, contemporary romance.

I've also learnt that writing isn't just about writing - that so much thought goes into it, there's also the editing process which is actually even more work than the writing process, and lastly, once the book is out, there's promoting of your book. But I love it!

Besides writing, I keep myself busy by homeschooling my three children (okay one is a teenager), tackling piles of laundry and dishes, making all sorts of food from scratch, and helping out with raising funds for the local Cubs and Scouts. Reading and watching romantic movies help me unwind.

Twitter: @kathleenbosman

“You’re making a mistake, Ryan. Coming in here and trying to bring up the past. It’s too late now. I’m committed to Mark and have found a life for myself. You never wanted me then. You loved Annie.”
“I didn’t love her. I loved you. And you promised forever….”
His voice was resigned, and then he winked at her as if to dispel the tension. It did no such thing.
The letter at the back of the sketch had promised she would love him forever, hadn’t it? She had believed she would never love anyone as much as Ryan, and that he showed her what true love was.
“You never loved me.” She dropped her gaze onto her lap. “We were just good friends.”
Pushing up her chin to pretend that her heart wasn’t zinging with emotion, she rose up and walked toward the one wall to adjust a painting. He grabbed her hand. She tried to pull away, but he firmly pulled her close.
Heat and energy radiated off him, and his manly scent encompassed her. Even his breath was a sweetness she wanted to drink in. She took in the shape of his face—his mouth, which drooped slightly to the left, his skewed jaw line and the prominent cheek bones. His eyebrows were dark and perfectly shaped, and he had such long eyelashes. Yanking her burning hand away, she made sure her back was facing him.
“I was blind to the true treasure. All the time when I was going out with Annie, I really wanted you, but I couldn’t do that to her—dump her for her best friend. I’ve loved you for years, Tess. I’ve been trying to find you. No other woman has measured up, and I’ve had several relationships. And you’ve become so beautiful.”
She faced him, her mouth partially open, devoid of words. He’d loved her? Why didn’t he tell her then before it was too late?
His gaze followed her from head to foot, and heat branded her face while a spark ignited her body.
“But I wasn’t then. You thought I was ugly. You must have because Annie was so beautiful, and you never looked at me.”
“I did. Besides the kohl and black clothes, you were adorable, especially in your pajamas.”
Tessa wasn’t usually one to blush easily, but fire lapped up her whole face and neck. “But the way you used to look at Annie. She had the most stunning legs. Long and muscular.”
Ryan smiled. “You have better legs than Annie.”

She pulled back. For a moment, he had her in a trance. Maybe she should leave Mark and pursue this. Jump right in. No, of course not. Who was Ryan now, anyway? She hardly knew him. He could disappear. Mark cared for her, and he was the perfect match to build a family. That’s all she needed.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Fearful Cravings by Tessa Kealey

When she meets her new neighbor, the sparks are instant between them. Chloe Daniels has always been sexually aggressive and wasn't afraid to go after a man she finds attractive. With this stranger, she could find herself the prey. And things become more complicated when he turns out to be Reece Walker, co-owner of Walker and Son, a company specializing in fine-tailored men's suits, and the biggest potential account of her career.

Now, Chloe has to work closely with Reece to win over his father, who isn't aboard with the new direction his son wants to take the company, while also keeping Reece out of her bed. But Reece isn't used to refusals. He is a dominant man who wants to have the upper hand always, and is determined to change Chloe's sexual world.

Reece sets out to prove that Chloe is sexually submissive while Chloe fights to prove to Reece she is not. How can she prove it to herself, though, when she has niggling little doubts every time he gives her that crooked, knowing smile...

Chloe's breathing was as erratic as the woman he was touching. The woman nodded, but he slid groping hands from her breasts to her neck, holding her neck lightly, he angled her head back and to the side. Her back arched, her breasts thrust out obscenely in front of her. His voice was loud enough for Chloe to hear. She was paying rapt attention, leaning forward when she really didn't have to. His voice was louder, meant to include them both in the conversation.

“Say it out loud, my pet. Tell my neighbor how you would crawl on your hands and knees all the way into my apartment to get a taste of me.”

The woman's whole body shuddered, and she whispered, “Please...”

He laughed, and released her arms but not her neck, to pinch her nipple hard. “Say it.”

His voice was controlled and sure. He knew she'd cave and give him exactly what he wanted. He was so confident. Suddenly, Chloe knew the woman had indeed crawled to his apartment. Chloe was stunned.

The woman's voice when it finally emerged was scratchy and a sob wasn't far away, it leaked into her words, “I would, Sir. I'd suck you right here in this elevator. I'd crawl after you into your apartment for the taste of your cock in my mouth.”

Chloe's panting was mixed with the woman's noises, so she wasn't even aware of it until the elevator dinged at the fifth floor, and the doors opened. Flustered, Chloe broke eye contact and hurried out of the elevator. She hesitated, though she was unsure why. She took a few steps then turned back to the couple. He had spun the woman around and pushed her to her knees. Her breasts were still exposed as she knelt in front of him. He winked at Chloe as the doors slid shut blocking the view.

Chloe's breath escaped in a shaky explosion.  

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Author Bio:

Tessa Kealey was born in Boston, and except for a side trip or two out of state, she has always lived, worked and played in the area. She enjoys writing about taboo sexual subjects like force or non-consent. The fantasy of a strong, dominant man taking what he wants gives her shivers.

She works hard to improve her craft on a daily basis, and wants readers to immerse themselves in the taboo scenarios she creates.





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Monday, July 29, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Burning Sage by Deena Remiel

Sage Wilcot, an accomplished scientist, has set her sights on her lifelong obsession, studying the volcanos of the island of Santorini. Once there, though, she gets more than she bargained for. The dormant volcano is waking and shaking things up in the process.
An enigmatic stranger—from a mythical ancient city—comes to her rescue and challenges her to believe in the unbelievable. Will she take the huge leap of faith for love’s sake or stay cloistered in her fortress of certainty and solitude?

About The Author:
My name is Deena Remiel, and I am an author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.  It seems the longer I write, the darker my stories get! But I just can’t get enough of Good vs Evil! I also teach language arts to middle schoolers. Curiously, I find myself being called upon to write all sorts of correspondence for  my family and friends, but they  are everything to me, and frequently serve as fodder for elements of my novels, poems, and posts.  They take it all in stride, though, and with good humor. So, it’s really a perfect give and take relationship!

Stephanie lives in Minnesota.

Twitter: @deenaremiel

“Well, now what?” She brushed the sandy grit off her hands and sloshed her way to drier land. “I’m here. On a grumbling volcano. Alone. What the hell was I thinking?” She shook her head at her own audacity and stupidity.
“You were thinking of me, perhaps? I can only hope.”
Sage spun around at the sound of the low-timbred voice. “Emmanouel?”
He stepped out of the shadowy darkness and outstretched his arms in a welcoming gesture. “In the flesh. And you, Sage, are too, I see. Looking splendid.”
“Yes, much less dusty and grimy. It’s amazing what a shower and some clean clothes can do.” Really, Sage? That’s your big comeback?
He laughed lightly and sauntered closer to her. “So were you?”
“Was I what?”
“Thinking of me.”
“In a way.”
“In what way?”
“Annoyance, actually.”
“Why is that?”
“You disappeared on me earlier. You were following me out of the hole we were in, and then when I went to introduce you to a colleague, you were gone. I could have used some backup on my story about my face being injured and how you fixed it with that watery stuff of yours. See? It’s all gone. No cut, no bruise….”
“Just beautiful, soft skin that I long to touch.” His husky voice sent thrilling pulses through her body and a tingly sensation across her skin. He reached out, and with the back of his hand, tried to caress her cheek. Barely controlling her burgeoning lust, she stepped back.
“Now cut that out. I’m trying to be angry with you.”
“I’m sorry. Go ahead.”
“Well, I can’t now. You kinda fizzled it out of me.”
“Oh, good. So now I can touch you, yes?”
“No!” she huffed, and stepped farther out of his reach. “You can tell me where you went and why you’re here now. How did you know I’d be here?”

“I never left. I can never leave.”

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Altered Frequency by Joya Fields

   After losing her father and brother in the line of duty, Missy Prescott vows never to get involved with anyone who has a dangerous job. Blessed with a golden voice, she takes a job as a disc jockey with her own late-night lovelorn dedication show on a popular radio station in Baltimore.
   Blake Decker has never had a family. He has come to count on the only family he knows—his brothers on the police force. He’s a one-night-stand kind of guy when it comes to relationshipsA.
   Betty McAllister, the caring woman who used to live in Missy’s apartment, is now a ghost. She refuses to cross over until Blake—whom she viewed as her own son—is happily in love. She thinks Missy is the perfect girl for him.
   Missy and Blake need to keep each other at a distance as they work together to help Betty find a way to cross over. But when danger lurks, will Missy and Blake lose everything?

About The Author:

Joya Fields has been making up stories for as long as she can remember, and it’s all her parents’ fault! They allowed only one T.V. in her childhood home and even that was rarely turned on. So, to entertain her sisters (and herself), Joya developed Story Hour. Her siblings’ wide-eyed, rapt attention fascinated Joya almost as much as the chorus of “Oh, no... don’t stop!” that followed when she whispered, “The End.” Their enthusiasm, she believes, is what encouraged her to continue making stuff up.

As she grew older, Joya put pencil to paper and wrote stories to give as gifts. Everyone thought she was so clever. She thought she was pretty smart, too, because her gifts didn’t dent her allowance.

It came as no surprise to anyone when Joya obtained a B.A. in English from the University of Maryland.

Over the years, she has taught arts and crafts, worked in public relations, owned a daycare center, helped her children raise prize-winning 4-H animals, completed three marathons, and even spent a year as a Baltimore Colts cheerleader.

Joya still enjoys turning stories into gifts. Most recently, she gathered memories from her husband’s 10 siblings and turned them into a memoir, presented to her in-laws at Christmas.

Yes, Joya continues to make up stories... but now, her work wins writing contests and inspires acceptance letters from editors. Over 100 of her stories and articles have been published in magazines and newspapers, and she’s putting the finishing touches on her fifth novel…a romantic suspense.

When she’s not busy writing articles, short stories, and novels, Joya loves spending time with her romantic hero/high school sweetheart/husband of over twenty years, two very supportive teenaged children, and a pug who follows her everywhere she goes.

Twitter: @JoyaFields

A shadow moved from the other side of the hallway. Blake froze, and his fingers moved to his weapon. He blinked. Nothing there. He dug in his pocket for his keys and glanced at Missy’s doorway.
Betty—wearing her pink sweat suit and flamingo earrings—stood grinning at him. She winked, raised her hand, and then knocked three times on Missy’s door.
Blake’s mouth opened and then closed. Betty disappeared. He closed his eyes for a half a minute and then opened them when he heard Missy’s door open.
Missy stood in the doorway wearing the same clothes as earlier. A white T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a simple necklace that hung between her breasts, spiraling the memory of her body to the forefront of his mind. He knew exactly how those curves felt under his hands and he craved the feel of them again.
“Hey. Thanks for stopping by the bookstore today.” Missy pocketed her hands in her jeans, pulling them down just enough for him to get a glimpse of her lower belly. He swallowed in order to concentrate.
“You—you should look out your peephole before you open your door.” There. He’d be the concerned policeman who lived across the hall. But how the hell had Betty…no, it couldn’t have been Betty. What was going on?
Missy frowned. “You feeling all right?”
“Yeah. Of course.”
“’Cause I did look out my peephole and I saw you.” She tilted her head. “I sort of thought it was okay to open up since it was my neighbor, the cop.”
How had he gotten in front of her door? He’d been several feet away when Betty…when…. Oh shit. He really needed that beer now. Time for a change of subject. He’d process the other stuff later.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Spotlight and Interview with Maureen O. Betita

Hello everyone, please welcome Maureen O. Betita to Sensuous Promos today as she shares with us a little bit about themselves and their work.

Maureen, thank you for joining us today. I know the readers are eager to get to know you , so let’s get started.

Can you tell us a little bit about where you are from?

The best answer to that is that I am from California. I’ve lived all over the state, and at the moment I am settled along the Monterey Bay. I love it and hope I never have to leave. The bay is a marine sanctuary and wonderfully rich and peaceful. Santa Cruz is an odd little place, but it keeps life interesting!

What does your writing desk look like? What would we find on it right this minute? 

Once upon a time, my desk was a table at Starbucks. Any table, any Starbucks. I still like to edit at my favorite coffee shop, but I find it difficult to create there. My new desk? A rocking chair by my loverlee gas fired stove. I have a footstool and my laptop…that’s all I need!

Do you have a specific writing style? In other words, are you a plotter or a pantser?

I am a total pantser. In fact, I generally consider myself a rocket strapped-to-my-ass-pantser. I let ideas gel, I dream, I drift…then it’s ass in chair and write. I might have an ending in mind, I might have one or two must-have scenes I already imagined, but how I get there is totally a mystery. For example…I wanted a scene in The Pirate Circus with a kraken fighting an airship. I knew what I wanted it to look like, but when or how I was gonna do it? Nope! Great surprise as I got closer and closer. Same thing with the ending of Lorelei’s Song.

Is there a message in your book(s) that you want readers to grasp?

Life consists of second chances. That is my underlying message in every book I write. I’m a big believer in chances. Second, third, fourth…I believe life gives you as many as it takes. Mine came when I suffered sudden cardiac death in 2007. And I’m still here! It woke me up, pushed me to let go of fear and go for it. Three years later, I was published.

How much of your book(s) have a bit of you in the characters?

Every single one. In small part or big part. It’s all about what I’m telling myself about myself. Or sharing with the world. Even when I don’t know I’m doing this, I realize that I did it, after the fact. I really believe it’s the only way to imbue my characters with authenticity.

Do you see writing as a career? Do you write full time? Or in addition to another job?

At this point in my life, I write. I don’t work outside of writing. I used to, but am fortunate that my husband is able to be the provider and let me write. Full-time? Do I write 8 hours a day? Nope. But this is my career.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Rules. I hate the rules. I hate the restrictions of a particular genre. I hate the rules of POV, for example. I want to feel free to tell the story from anywhere and everywhere. If I can make it work, why not? Do I have to wait until I’m a massive success before I can break this rule? I like to think they are more like guidelines

Do you have any advice to offer other writers?

I love the advice I got from my first writing coach, Judi McCoy. Finish the damned book. We hear that from all sorts of places, in different ways, but it all comes down to those words. FINISH! Or as I like to say, Tell the story. The whole story, and nothing but the story. I am a storyteller, first and foremost.

Where can our readers find you on the world wide web?

I have a website! Wow! Doesn’t everyone? ;-) But I am also a pirate sailing the cyber seas on the good ship Romance Writer’s Revenge. We are a blog of writers who imagine ourselves at sea. I crawled aboard some years ago and they didn’t throw me off. We be a great source of inspiration, advice and simple fun! Come visit! I am on Facebook, Maureen O. Betita Author…like me, please!

Do take a look at my newest book, fresh from Decadent Publishing, Lorelei’s Song. A bit of erotic horror/Steampunk… ;-)

Nicholas and Jerrod already know that what others consider a normal human experience is far from the insanity of their heritage. Yet, they still have hope for change. The answer to the primal drive that is slowly tearing their humanity away may rest in that opulent hotel preparing to host its first steampunk convention.

Lorelei is bored and well aware of how she appears; a spoiled, rich girl whose sexual tastes run toward the twisted and unpleasant. Looking to cure the discontentment winding through her soul, she arrives at the convention hoping for diversion. Instead, she finds Nicholas and Jerrod.

When the sons of Cthulhu stalk the daughter of a siren, the world shakes.

About The Author:
Well, I’m a writer living on the central coast of California, specifically the wondrous Monterey Bay. My specialty is romantic adventure stories featuring thoughtful heroines, offbeat heroes and settings that range from the Caribbean Sea to alien worlds. At the core to every story I write is a 2ndchance.

In April of 2007, I nearly died. My heart stopped and only the quick action of my husband saw me wake in a hospital bed days later, alive and completely bewildered as to what had happened. The doctors called it sudden cardiac death. I now have an implanted defibrillator in case it happens again. I was fortunate to survive. In being given a 2nd chance with my life, I dedicated herself to fulfilling the dream of being a published writer.

That dream is presently sailing along, gaining speed and finding the more amiable currents, sweetest winds and best anchorage. An trip full of adventure!

I have no set office, but wander from Starbucks to Starbucks to write amidst the chaos of coffee serving mayhem. Join me on this voyage of creative discovery. Set sail to lands of imaginative adventure, erotic play and rapturous poetry.

Twitter: @maureenobetita

His nostrils caught the perfume of something different. Spicy, with a hint of dry driftwood, it wafted by him and he froze. Damn, what the hell was that? A sharp rap on the table made him start. “Fuck.”
“Get up here!” A kick to the calf signaled he was needed.
He rose, rubbing his head, to find Jerrod snatching up a pair of goggles and sliding them on.
“What the hell?”
“My eyes. I can’t—” His kinsman turned his back on the nearly empty room. “I smelled something odd and—”
“Okay, okay. Sit and—”
“Get me the hell out of here!”
Jerrod gripped his arm tightly, head turned so Nicholas could glimpse the shadow of the change on his cheek bones.
Nicholas didn’t think. He wrapped his arms around his cousin and pulled him down to the shadow of the table. He lowered a hand and gripped the steel-rod erection he knew he’d find beneath the loose pants.
He held the rigid cock and whispered, “I smelled her, too. She’s out there. You just have to be stealthy. Be the monster who stalks, blend in. We’ll find her.”
The hollow echo of the deepest crevasse of the ocean reverberated against his bones in the low voice.
“Yeah, we’re gonna find her, and we’re gonna fuck her, and this time, we aren’t going to hold back.”


Lorelei’s Song is available from

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Alice's Dragon by Stephanie Beck

Dragon Charmer—taking care of your pesky dragon problem—for a price.

Business is good for Alice, right until her dragon goes crazy and bites off her arm. To make matters worse, a tall, dark stranger kills the cash-cow dragon before her eyes.
Instead of dying from her wounds, Alice finds herself under the tender care of Bade, a gentle-handed Bulgarian far from home with secrets in his satchel.

If they can scratch each others backs, the secrets might live on and Alice might still have a job. She’s never backed down from a challenge, but she’s in for more than she bargained for with the tall, dark stranger.

About The Author:
Stephanie Beck is a fulltime mom, busy writer and ameture speller.

She's been writing since she was fifteen. Her first novel, "Love on the Mats" was a graphic, heartwarming tale of a wrestler and a cutie coed which was lovingly edited by the c-squad basketball team on the long bus rides throughout the season. They were all sure it would be published and it still has a home in a folder...somewhere.

Stephanie Beck loves romance and all things romantic, heart warming and usually funny, though a more serious piece will find its way in occasionally.

In her spare time she knits and sews, walks the dog, plays with her three wonderful children and tries to get her husband to act out the naughty things she researches...oh the sacrifices she makes for her craft.

Stephanie lives in Minnesota.

Twitter: @StephBeck123

People milled about the dock, many scowling at the ship. The prevailing fashion resembled the practical slacks and sweaters of his homeland. One especially bearded fellow stepped forward when the hands lowered the gangplank.
“Well,” he said. “Been a while since we had visitors, but I reckon my men still know how to unload. What’s your cargo?”
The captain stepped forward. “This bloke’s junk. It’s below board. My men will get it ashore.”
“Can’t interest you in a few days docked?”
The captain scowled. “I’d sooner spend my coin where the lasses are lovely, the beer flows, and I won’t be set afire by a dragon.”
The mention of dragons made Bade listen harder while the crew unloaded his cargo into the waiting hands of the stevedores.
“Well now,” the oldster said. “We have ourselves a charmer, no sense worrying. The girl is working up on the hill with Rusty right now. He won’t bother you none.”
Bade spun to face where the man pointed and his heart froze. A giant red beast with a wingspan at least five times his height towered on its four legs, circling a tiny woman. He grabbed his sword and ran for the hill.
“For crying out loud,” the man said. “She has it handled. It’s what we pay her for.”
Bade ignored him, racing over the rickety dock to a narrow, pitted main street which ran straight to the base of giant cliffs. He mounted a long set of crumbling stone stairs, the sounds of growling and giggling getting louder. He didn’t know what a dragon charmer did, but Bade recognized an animal ready to pounce. The one on the hill showed all the signs of losing control.
He crested the hill and confronted the largest dragon he’d ever encountered. The pure magnificence of its size humbled him and brought tears to his eyes. How many times had he witnessed a young one cut down before it reached such wondrous proportions? To see this one alive and vibrant, even on the edge of homicide, heartened him. He’d chosen the right home.
A small woman dressed in bright colors danced around with a shield on her arm. The metal shone in the sun. Bade cringed as clouds rolled in, his bad feeling amplifying. She knew her way around a dragon, but the clouds and serpent were about to join against her.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Acceptance (The Edge Series) by Starla Kaye with a GIVEAWAY

Being the CEO of a major architectural company in California has taken over far too much of Chase’s life, leaving no time for romance. But when a handsome Spaniard offers drinks and conversation, talking leads to one spectacular night and an awareness of what he really wants. But once Rico returns home to Spain, Chase will be alone, again.
Rico lives on his family’s strict schedules with no time for contemplating what is missing in his life. He doesn’t expect to meet someone special on this business trip. But he is drawn to the big, striking blond American. Giving Chase someone to talk to, takes Rico’s mind off his problems. And a mutual attraction gives them both a chance to forget everything else and let their passionate natures run free.
Chase has a company to run and Rico must return home to Spain, a truth they must both accept, but will acceptance be enough when it comes to waking up alone?


Leave a comment below (with email address) to win an eCopy of Starla Kaye's, Starting Over 

About The Author:
Live, love, laugh…such simple words, but words I take to heart. There are never enough hours in my day to do even half of the things I would like to do. But no matter how crazy my life gets, I try to incorporate my words to live by (live, love, laugh) into each day.

Family and friends are extremely important to me. Life is far too short not to spend time with these special people in some way each day. My husband supports me in my writing craziness…always eagerly waiting for that million-dollar sale. (Dream on.) My daughter supports me in so many ways, including designing my website and fixing the many computer screw-ups I manage on an almost daily basis. And my friends, especially fellow writers, support me when I need it, just as I support them in return.

Beyond my family, I enjoy traveling anywhere, at anytime. But I will never see enough. I will always hunger for one more trip. All of my many adventures and observations of people and places help my writer’s imagination. I’m filled with ‘what ifs’ and ideas for yet more characters. My writing, too, leads me on many adventures. I dabble with romances of many sub-genres: contemporary, historical Western, medieval, sci-fi, paranormal, and Regency.

Twitter: @starla_kaye

“Regrettably, I believe it is time for me to return to my hotel.”
Chase set down the empty shot glass, and a frown creased his brow. “I understand. I’ll admit I don’t like seeing the evening end.” He eased his chair away from the table. “The least I can do is give you a ride.”
A ride. Rico’s body interpreted the phrase in a whole different way. His heart pounded with the urge to press the striking man for much more than a simple goodbye. Instead he valiantly controlled his need and said, “I believe we should take cabs this night. I would hate to think of you getting into an accident because we both enjoyed too much whisky.”
Chase didn’t even attempt to protest. He stood, nodding. “We can share a cab, if that’s all right with you.” He turned to face the bartender. “Just put it all on my tab, Tom.”
“Not a problem.” He picked up the phone beside him. “I’ll call for your cab right now.”
“Thanks.” Chase started to pull out his wallet but stopped when he saw that Rico had already tossed a considerable tip on the table.
Rico yawned, exhaustion catching up with him as well as having sat for too long. “Sorry. It’s been a long day.”
“I apologize for keeping you out so late.” Chase headed for the doorway. “Hopefully you can get some rest before your plane leaves tomorrow.”
Rest wasn’t what appealed to Rico at the moment. His gaze had followed Chase’s taut ass as he walked ahead of him. He’d been thinking all night about what the handsome blond would look like naked. The man had a well-toned body and a confident way of carrying himself that had captured his interest upon meeting. When they’d shaken hands, something had passed between them. A slight tingling sensation, but more than that. He’d been almost certain Chase had felt the connection as well. It had been a long time since Rico had experienced such a powerful attraction and an aching need to take someone.
“Are you all right?” Chase asked, turning to stop and wait for him to catch up.
Pulled from his wandering thoughts, Rico said, “Si. I just have something on my mind.” He drew in a settling breath and forced a smile. “Someone, actually.”
“Someone?” Chase asked, raising one eyebrow.

Interest was there in the man’s expression, in the heat that flashed in the blue eyes. Rico took a chance. “You.”

Don't forget about Starla's

Leave a comment below (with email address) to win an eCopy of Starla Kaye's, Starting Over 

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Heart's Bounty

from Ellora's Cave Spectrum...

Hunting is a young man’s game and Miho is well suited to it. He is a product of centuries of selective breeding, making him human-plus. He has a reputation for finding his quarry. But he doesn’t expect to find an older man at the Tag Board looking for work of his own.

Hevik was outlawed and banished from his homeworld, and now lives a solitary life hunting small-time criminals among the planets. A pretty boy with hair as dark as deep space makes him reconsider that lifestyle.

As the fates keep throwing them together while they pursue the same bounty, both of them discover depths about themselves, and about their lust and need for each other, that makes chasing their quarry all the more dangerous.



Hevik turned, marched back upstairs and collected Miho at the landing. “Come on, babe. We earned a good night’s sleep.”

Miho wanted to climb Hevik like a tree. He followed, stars in his eyes, and waited impatiently while Hevik opened the door. He pushed the man inside, pulling at his clothing. Hevik had thrown him his weapon, dropped fifteen feet, battled a monster and just taken out the garbage. He’d decided to give the old man the part of him he’d never shown him. He was desperately hungry and he wanted nothing more than to prove that how he treated his boyfriend was massively more passionate than how he treated a random stranger. For one, he’d never had a boyfriend.

“Hey, hey.” Hevik laughed and kissed him back. “What happened to so tired you couldn’t see straight?” He let Miho rip his clothes off and shove him to the bed. “Shoulda beat up half a dozen toughs for you before now if this is the response I get.”

“Gods, why are you still talking?” Miho kissed Hevik all over, running hands across his chest and falling to his knees gracefully to take off Hevik’s pants and shoes before standing and starting to remove his own clothes, his wide blue eyes fastening on Hevik’s. “I need you. I’m with you. I want you to take me and tell me how much I’m yours. I’ve never been anyone’s before and I want to know how it feels.”

Hevik reached out and pulled Miho onto the bed with him. “Mine,” he whispered, staring deep into Miho’s eyes. He kissed Miho then, a hard, claiming kiss that probed and opened and owned him. Hevik rolled them until Miho was on his back beneath him. “Mine.”

Miho sighed happily, tracing fingertips across Hevik’s shoulders and upper arms before wrapping them around his neck, arching under him to get as much skin contact as he could. “Yours. All yours, if you want. I’ve been fighting the fall for days.”

Hevik said nothing, but kissed Miho’s mouth and then his jaw. He worked his way down Miho’s throat and along his shoulders. He licked at Miho’s belly, teasing his navel. Studiously ignoring the hard cock that curved against his abdomen, Hevik kept kissing down to Miho’s knees.

Miho laughed and squirmed upward to keep Hevik from going to his knees on the hard floor. “Oh, please. I haven’t had sex in days.” He squirmed and whined as though this was a terrible inconvenience for him.

“Good. Means it’ll be better when you do.”


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Angelia Sparrow perpetrates romance in the sultry mid-south, living with her long-suffering husband, ever-diminishing number of children and two demanding yet stupid cats. She is the editor and owner of Inkstained Succubus Productions, a small press. She gets around writer's block by knitting, crocheting and doing other crafts. 

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