Flame Arden

 After several years of creative drought author Flame Arden, author of Christmas Eve, an  Evernight Publishing release, crested a wave of erotic inspiration and published a trio of steamy romances available where ever eBooks are sold.

The first book in her Atlanta Burning Series about three financially secure sisters
Looking   for love, sometimes in the wrong places. In And You, Virginia, Are No Lady, the middle sister need the help of Gabriel Count, a successful private investigator, to help her find proof her client did not embezzle company funds.
Gabe wants nothing to do with lawyers, but is forced to accept Virginia's generous offer of employment to pay for his mother's nursing care. A former detective on the Atlanta Police Force, he resigned after a near-fatal gunshot. He spent three months recovering from his injuries while the shooter walked on a technicality.
He takes Virginia to dinner on his Harley to discuss the case and she ends up straddling him in her bed. Knowing she wears sexy thongs beneath sedate suits she wears to address the jury if a real turn-on for him, but he can't get her into his bed without taking her out of town, which he does every chance he gets.
Her family ranks so high on the social ladder this bad boy from her high school days is certain nothing will come of their sexual fling, but he plans to enjoy the comfort of Gin's lush body as long as he can, which she turns into eternity.

Book two, Great Balls of Fire, is about the youngest sister, Paris, and her dedicated attempt to get Winston Harrison Gentry III reelected to the Atlanta City Council again.
His playboy past has come back to bite him in the butt, and he's hoping Paris can improve his image using her public relations skills. She has her work cut out for her, thanks to the pack of horny women hot on his trail. Win sees in Paris the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, while Paris enjoys a secretive affair with him while she'd searching for the right man to spend her life with.
It takes a nearly nude woman discovered in Win's camping tent and a poor looser bent on revenge for Paris to discover who is behind the candidates bad publicity and set the record straight so Win can win the election and she can start making babies. His.

Frankly My Dear          CoverIn  Frankly, My Dear, Book Three of Flame Arden's Atlanta Burning series, readers discover why only certain men cause Atlanta Hampton to burn.
A sexy successful Realtor, Atlanta has longed to again share a bed with Rob Count since their brief but heated clash and cling at her sister Virginia's wedding almost two years ago. His deep voice, tactile touch and loving way of pushing all her buttons makes Atlanta burn for him, but Rob never called her for a repeat performance, and this hurts.
Then luck gives Atlanta a hand. On a short trip to appraise a cabin soon to be listed for sale, Atlanta's SUV breaks down on the highway and Rob Count, Gabe's older brother, happens along and offers to help. The same man she put down when she met him for having motor oil stains under his fingernails. While her vehicle is in Rob's shop being repaired he lends Atlanta his SUV to complete her journey, then shows up at the cabin and they resume their hot affair. At the end of their weekend escape, Atlanta retrieves her repaired SUV and returns to her home in Buckhead, Georgia.
Unable to stay away this time, Rob shows up at her office on Friday and invites her to spend the day with him visiting the local historic sites neither has visited since their childhood. After several sensual rendezvous at the cabin Atlanta makes a final trip to the cabin. When Rob arrives unexpectedly, she rushes into his arms, terrified by a series of unexplained noises coming from somewhere in the cabin. Those noises unnerve both of them.
If you like to read erotic romance with a bit of suspense, this book is for you.
Flame Arden 

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