Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Cocking Bo by Christian Jensen

Cocking Bo is about one mans lust for someone he thinks is out of his league. Bo doesn't think Ryan would want anything to do with him. He is so very wrong, and after finally getting the courage to speak to him, Ryan proves just how worthy Bo really is.

This is story in which two men engage in consensual and explicit sex. Both parties are over the age of 18. The sex scenes are very intense and display light S&M play with some spanking.

It is intended for only those over the age of 18.


Ryan broke the coupling first, pushing Bo back a little and looking him over. He placed a big hand over the bulge in his jeans and smiled. Bo leaned forward and kissed the upturned lips playfully, biting the thick lower lip. The hairs on his beard were coarse and stabbed Bo’s upper lip during the exchange. The sting felt amazing. 

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Dust 'Til Dawn (Between the Veils 3) by Kris Norris

Between the Veils Series, Book Three

Sometimes, the most dangerous souls are the ones already dead…

Annie Dunnigan wants to believe in ghosts, but her analytical mind just can’t make that final leap of faith. In the hope of witnessing some actual proof, she agrees to see what ‘ghost hunting’ is all about and tags along with her big sister Temperance and her new husband Avery Smith. Annie never expected to get caught in the middle of a childish prank with Avery’s older brother Dylan, or that she’d unwillingly resurrect an evil spirit, who doesn’t want to return to the land of the dead.

Now she’s faced with a new problem. She’s the only one who can send the ghost back to the other side of the veil, but she can’t do it without Dylan’s help…not when he had a hand in raising it. The fact they share a sizzling attraction to each other makes the situation even more dangerous, especially when neither of them are seasoned hunters. One seemingly simple task turns out to be a race against time when they discover the truth behind the ghost’s presence and the reality of the risks involved in ensuring it stays between the veils.


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Friday, June 21, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ One Bad Day

Title: One Bad Day

Author: Edie Hart

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2

Publisher: Breathless Press

Formats Available: All eBook formats

Word Count: 15,962

ISBN: 978-1-77101-993-4

RRP: 1.99

Tessa is having one seriously bad day. After agreeing to dress as a cheesy mascot at a convention for her boss, her clothes get stolen, she gets chased through a sinister parking garage, and her apartment gets broken into and turned upside down.

Gray, an off-duty police officer, can’t resist the sexy legs he sees in costume at a hotel convention. When he catches sight of her running for her life through a dark car lot, he's determined to find out what her story is and ends up promising to keep Tessa safe...even if that means taking her home with him.

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Gray stepped outside of the hotel ballroom hoping the air would be cooler out there. He hated stuffy gatherings. Hell, he hated weddings. How two people could think they'd love each other forever was beyond him. Gray didn't do love. Which was why he was stag at a co-worker's wedding. He'd originally planned to invite Monique, but several months back she'd become demanding and talked about moving into his place with hearts and flowers in her eyes. So he'd ended it. Deep down, he'd known that she didn't really want him. She wanted any warm body that would take care of her. She had slowly been trying to mold him into some GQ tycoon, telling him what to wear, how to act, and even going as far as telling him what he needed to do career-wise.

A loud crash on the other side of the hall caught Gray's attention. In the open ballroom across the way he saw legs. Glorious legs in strappy high heels. The beautiful legs were tangled on the floor and attached to an ass that was just as gorgeous. After taking a closer look, Gray realized that above the amazing ass was an enormous, white light bulb-shaped head with blue googly eyes. It had blonde hair and wore a glittery purple hat. The tangled-up legs and heels were flailing around in a pile of what looked like empty light bulb boxes. Several gentlemen nearby were quick to help Legs get her feet beneath her. From their smiles and laughter he could tell that they were all quite happy to be of assistance. Gray didn't blame them.

He watched Legs find her balance in those high heels, and with a little wiggle and tug of her skirt she went on her way.

About The Author:

Edie Hart was born in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, where she now resides with her husband, two children, dog, and three cats. After spending her childhood making up stories in her head, she finally decided to put them on paper. What came of it was her first novella, One Bad Day. Edie is a die-hard romantic and believes that everyone deserves to be loved unconditionally—both in print and real life.

Edie also admits that "Edie Hart" is a pen name and an alter ego to an otherwise boring wife and mother. Edie is 20 pounds lighter, loves to skydive, travels to foreign places, and is a total sex kitten as compared to the uninteresting other half who is none of those things.

In reality the counterpart of Edie is a lackluster 40-something-year-old, whose main goal is to keep The Big One (The Boy) from torturing The Little One (The Girl). This week he hit her in the head with a 12-pack of Juicy Juice. Last week he left ravioli handprints on the back of her white T-shirt. The week before that he told her she was adopted and she believed him.

To learn more about her, and find out what The Big One and The Little One are up to, visit her via her website, Facebook, or Twitter:

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sensuous Promo’s Book Tour for Fairy Dust by Carol Shenold

Welcome to the 4th stop in Sensuous Promo’s Book Tour for Carol Shenold’s, Fairy Dust.

Can a half-fairy and a were wolf find true love and save the world the same day?

Fairy Dust by Carol Shenold

Half fae/half witch, Ande Ryan’s deepest desires are simple: a stress-free, fun evening with a nice guy, to earn the respect of her peers in the Paranormal Investigation Unit, and at long last, learn to use her Goddess given fae magic.

Instead, she fights a demon, gets mugged by a pixie, meets her soul mate and oh yeah, has to try and defeat a wizard with the help of a six-foot elf and a wolf—Cal Masterson.

Cal had no idea that his first encounter with Ande Ryan would include a fight with a demon or an intense attraction to the red-haired fairy who displays as much courage and determination as any wolf in his pack. Will Cal overcome his need to protect her as they both fight the odds and allow her fulfill her destiny?

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The thing coming at me barreled out of the trees, leaping from shadow to shadow.

Its rotten-meat smell drove me back. It didn’t hesitate before it threw itself at the circle shield. Sparks flew off, crackling in the air and weakening the shield. It kept coming, like the crazy it was, slamming itself into the arc, weakening it more and more until one of the impacts threw me back, into my own energy and through it. 

Okay, out of protection here. I threw myself over to land on my knees and came up in a crouch.

The ghoul looked around as if it couldn’t figure out where I went. When it saw me, it let out a snarl and flew toward me. I sent a stream of earth fire at his sorry ass but missed because I levitated at the precise moment I let the stream of fire loose. Ahhhhh.

It always happens at the wrong time. If I ever get control of the flying thing, it will be so great. 

Now the darkling was truly confused, and I sent another tiny but forceful fire stream toward him. This time I didn’t miss, and he burst into flame, at least his arm did.

He screamed with frustration because he couldn’t see where I was, flailed around a bit, and ran back into the trees.

“Damn it.” I needed down before the hell dog came back so I could get rid of it.

What if some kid came along. Not one child but several, in a group, with a leader came skipping toward the bridge. Damn, I shouldn’t have had that thought out-loud.

“Go back,” I yelled as loud as I could. “Hurry. Run.” The kids were chattering at the top of their lungs. The leader tried to push them faster, wanting out of the park before the sun set altogether I guessed. They didn’t hear a word I said.

Shadows crept toward them, and one shadow moved away from the others. It was back and heading straight toward the kids.

“Up here, idiot. Leave the kids alone. I’m your prey. Come on, use that one cell you have for a brain.”

“Oomph.” I dropped like a dead fairy, directly in front of the thing. I was toast.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Ménage a Must (Molly's Mayhem 1)

Book One in the Molly’s Mayhem series.

Can Molly juggle a pair of frisky lovers and prevent her adventurous young mistress from playing fast and loose with her virtue? Yes, she can.

Molly O’Dowd is a maid with ambition. She doesn’t intend to spend the rest of her life in service. But first, she feels bound by loyalty and gratitude to see Annabelle, her young mistress, settled before she leaves to make her fortune.

At the estate of her employer’s potential suitor, she meets Graeme and Logan, a lusty pair of rogues who entice Molly to indulge in a tryst or two or three.

To Molly’s delight and relief her employer takes matters in her own hands and secures a proposal. Molly is now free to go, but she hesitates—after all, she now has two reasons to linger a while…

EXCERPT: By reading any further, you are stating that you are 18 years of age, or over. Copyright © Renee Michaels, 2013 All Rights Reserved, Total-E-Ntwined Limited, T/A Total-E-Bound.

Excerpt From: Ménage a Must

When the wheel of the carriage Molly O’Dowd sat in dropped into yet another rut, she slapped a hand on her prized bonnet and hugged her mistress’s jewellery case to her chest. The vehicle gave an ominous creak and listed to one side before it lumbered forward. She sent up a fervent prayer that they’d reach their destination soon. Her sore bum could not take another round of bouncing on the thinly padded seat.

"No title is worth this discomfort." The loud, petulant complaint came from the young miss she served as a personal maid.

Her mistress sat across from Molly, arms folded across her chest. Ethereally beautiful, with flawless skin and cornflower blue eyes, and an heiress to a fortune built from railways and coalmines, Annabelle was the only child of the late August Calder. He’d been an overindulgent but neglectful papa, which had made her just a tad spoilt.

With her tight fist holding the purse strings, Annabelle’s social-climbing stepmamma had dragged her to England in her hunt for a title. And not a moment too soon—the girl needed a man but more importantly a husband. Molly had caught Annabelle’s dancing master lapping away at her virginal cunny.

There was no telling her mistress anything once she got a notion in her pretty head. She’d kept Molly busy smuggling the man in and out of the Calder mansion. Molly had barely managed to preserve Annabelle’s virginity using dire threats and never being more than a few feet away from the amorous couple.

"Hush, Annabelle, the earl’s servants might hear you." The admonishment hissed from the perpetually pursed lips of Annabelle’s stepmother, Priscilla.

Her name suited her—prissy by name and nature. Mrs Calder never had a hair out of place or a thread hanging from her ensemble. She was a thin woman with a fondness for ruffles and pastels, which didn’t suit her sallow skin.

As far as Molly knew, Priscilla never showed any emotion but disapproval or irritation. Molly wondered for the millionth time how she had become the wife of that lusty old letch August Calder. Before he had died, he’d pinched Molly’s bum and fondled her breasts on the sly more than once. Given the chance, he’d have tossed up her skirts for sure. Now she wasn’t adverse to a good tumble, but to spread her legs for the master under his wife’s nose was the act of a slattern. She had standards—a little relaxed, but they served her well.

Annabelle groaned as they hit another pothole. "I still don’t see why we couldn’t hire a conveyance for our use."

"His lordship offered the use of his carriage and we didn’t want to offend him." Her tone suggested that their discomfort was inconsequential.

Annabelle’s rosebud mouth formed a pout. "Molly, you did pack my bed linens, didn’t you?"

Priscilla waved her hand to cut off Annabelle’s gripes. "Never mind that, I wanted to have a word with the both of you before we arrived."

This explained why Molly wasn’t travelling with the rest of the servants Mrs Calder deemed necessary as a show of her wealth.

"Now you listen to me, miss, I’ve paid that impoverished noblewoman a small fortune to secure this invitation. Muck it up and I’ll ship you off to my aunt in Maine."

The threat hung in the air. Priscilla’s aforementioned relative would make a Puritan look like a hedonist.

Annabelle narrowed her eyes into slits and her expression turned mutinous. Even then, she looked like an annoyed fairy. "The executors of my father’s estate wouldn’t let you."

"Everybody has a price." Priscilla pinned Molly with an inimical glower. It seemed she wasn’t to escape Priscilla’s censure. "I expect you to keep her in line and not pander to her odd whims."

Molly gulped and nodded. She couldn’t afford to lose her place, not when she was so close to getting out of service on her own terms.

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