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Interview with Erotic Romance Author Anita Cox

Hello everyone, please welcome Anita Cox to Sensuous Promos today as he/she shares with us a little bit about themselves and their work. 

Anita, thank you for joining us today. I know the readers are eager to get to know you , so let’s get started.

At what point did you first consider yourself a writer? 
I can’t define a moment in time that I actually coined myself a writer. I’ve always written. I dabbled in poetry and lyrical writing as a teen (and I really sucked at it.) I consistently overwrote every single paper due in each creative writing class. If they wanted a minimum of 3 pages, I’d give them 10. After a horrific divorce I was left with insomnia for nearly 2 ½ years. During that time, I gave up on sleep and just wrote what was in my head. It was my first published novel, though I’ve since abandoned it because…it’s horrible and I can’t get the rights back to it.

Do you have a specific writing style? 
 In other words, are you a plotter or a pantser?  When I started writing ten years ago, I was a total pantster. It left me with plot holes and more editing than was humane. I now have a marker board that looks like a road map most of the time.  I’m not a total plotster – I can lie to myself all I want, but I’m a total Type B personality. My life is an organized mess!

How did you come up with the titles to your book(s)? 
I had the idea for the Dirty White Candy series floating in my head for about six months before I set pen to paper. I knew she’d go onto an online “hookup” site looking for someone to play with. I toyed with a few different names, and then searched Amazon to see if it was already used. I was elated when I didn’t find anything remotely close to Dirty White Candy.  The last thing I wanted was to get lost in the 15k other books with “Shades of” in the title. The Beginning, while simple, was as clear as it gets. It was the Beginning of Candy’s Sexual Awakening. Ultimate Vacation was about two weeks at an exclusive swinger’s resort. I struggled with this title because everything else I came up with was…crass. Trading Places was a no brainer because Candy trades in everything for a whole new life.

Is there a message in your book(s) that you want readers to grasp? 
Oh hell yes! Communication is so key to a healthy sex relationship with your partner(s).  Don’t assume your partner is psychic. If you want something, tell them. Really take charge of your sex life. Because sex is something you have, you do. It isn’t or shouldn’t be something that happens to you.

There’s no wrong sex. If it isn’t illegal, the other person is of legal age and consenting; don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong. I’m a very sex positive person. Sex isn’t just fun, it’s a healthy and necessary part of life.  Don’t judge someone else’s kink. For them, it’s fulfilling and there’s a lesson to be learned in that fulfillment.

How much of your book(s) have a bit of you in the characters?  
Well, Candy’s inner monologue is probably the closest to mine.  She’s accidentally funny, which I tend to be most times. Case in point, when I get notes from readers about something she said or did that they find hilarious, I’m taken aback. I wasn’t really trying to be funny. I’m over the moon that I brought someone laughter and that they liked her, but still… it was a total accident. Except for her calling a guy “Dorito in a Speedo” in Book 2. That was all me.

What books have most influenced your life most?  
This is totally off the wall but James Redfield’s THE CELESTINE PROPHECY really changed the way I viewed myself and the world around me. I know it’s fiction, but there’s a ton of science to back up his message. The moral of the story is basically that life is like a bank account – the more positivity you put into it, the more you get (out of it.) If you feed it negativity, that’s all you’re left with. The book is a really horrible dry read IMHO but the message stuck to me.

The book spoke to me on a personal level, but I’ve carried with me in my professional life. I’m very giving to my fellow authors when I can be. I donate my services as a member of the Board of Directors for the Erotic Authors Guild and mostly I try to empower women. I’m a very sex positive person and I try to lend that to others…if that makes sense.

What book would we find you reading right now? 
I literally just finished The Road to Redemption by Nicky Charles. And after I’m finished with this interview, I’m going to leave her a great review. As an author, I know how valuable each review is – and yes, even the bad ones are valuable—hard to swallow, but valuable.  This is Book Two of a storyline but book 6 in a series Law of the Lycans. I’m totally hooked on Nicky Charles and I’m glad she’s planning on adding to this fantastic series.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? 
Houston FREAKING Havens. She’s an absolute doll and a fantastic writer. Her debut was released this year by the same house that published mine.  When you get two Irish Lass’ together, things get interesting. I joke that she’s my soul sister, but I often wonder if that might be true. I adore her as a person and her writing…OMG. She’s interlaced so many genres in one novel that some might be wary. Don’t be. She has done a beautiful job of crossing genres and writing STEAM. I mean, it’s a ménage book for Pete’s sake!

What are you currently working on? Can you give us a sneak peek? 
I’m working on an erotic short I considered putting up for free. It’s straight up erotica – no love story. It’s pretty hot but I don’t want to be thrown into the “book porn” category. Perma-free books seem to attract horrid reviews so the jury is still out on whether or not I put it up, or stuff it away.

Do you see writing as a career? Do you write full time? Or in addition to another job? 
I work between 13-16 hours a day. If I’m not writing, editing, marketing or reading, I’m trying to interact with readers. It’s a hellacious schedule and I literally work for peanuts. So…maybe it’s not a career – it’s a compulsion.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? 
No. I don’t look back, I keep my eyes firmly on the road ahead. There is one editing blunder that I, my editor, my final line editor and my copyeditor missed. A character’s name has two different spellings throughout the series. It annoyed one professional reviewer. I might fix that. Aside from that one little irritating detail – leave it alone. The baby was born, let it grow.

What was the hardest part of writing your book(s)? 
Keeping a story hot, but not redundant was probably the biggest challenge.  The series is about Candy’s sexual journey. I had to start off slow, with very basic experiences and build to the insanity that became her life. I thought a lot about the readers and how they would receive the message. The reader is going to follow Candy through three novels… there had to be something new for them to see and learn.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add? 
Yes—thank you so much for having me today. It has been an absolute pleasure!

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Book Spotlight ~ The Beginning (Dirty White Candy Book 1) by Anita Cox

Watch what happens when a recently divorced and sexually repressed thirty-something woman transforms from vapid novice to bombshell maven in The Beginning. Going bravely where she’s never gone before, Candy Kavana is about to take the first steps towards her new life in Book 1 of Anita Cox’s intensely passionate and entertaining series, Dirty White Candy. 

Traded in for a younger, newer model by the only man she’s ever made love to, thirty-something Candy Kavana finds herself craving human interaction of the carnal nature. Shy and sexually repressed, Candy turns to her best friend, Stacy, for advice. And what advice it is! 

Candy nervously dives into sex therapy and what she discovers is more than mind-blowing sex. She discovers a side of herself she never dreamed existed. Now that she’s whet her whistle, she can’t get enough. Just how far is Candy willing to take her sexual exploration? 

Purchase Links:

Visit Anita's blog for more on this HOT series!!

I put a blanket and spare pillow on the couch for Olivia.

“Thank you for everything,” I said.

“Sit down. I’m not ready for bed yet.” She plopped down on the couch.

I really wanted to go to bed, but out of obligation I sat next to her, turning a bit to face her.

“So you’ve never done anything, really?”

“Nope. I gave my husband blow jobs, but that was it. It was missionary position, other than that. I really can’t believe I spilled my guts to you tonight.” It was true. After we’d reached our limit of drinks, I told Olivia everything. “This is so inappropriate. You’re my assistant.”

“Not tonight. Tonight we’re off the clock and I came to your apartment willingly. We’re just two girlfriends who confided over drinks.” She ran her hand along my thigh.

My body instantly reacted. I looked at her hand, then at her.

“So you don’t know whether or not you like women, other than the fact you wanted to touch the girl who was on the table at your friend’s house?” She reached up, running her index and middle fingers over my suit, where my nipples stood erect underneath.

“She looked nice. Soft like silk.” My breath hitched. Should I allow this?

“So, I’m here. I like women, and I find you incredibly sexy. Do you want to try with me? If not, I’ll stop touching you and lay down here on the couch and go to sleep.”

“But I don’t know what I’m doing,” I admitted.

“That’s okay. I can talk you through it. But only if you want. You have to say it though. You have to tell me you want to have sex with me.”

I couldn’t utter the words.

Her fingers circled around my knee before they slowly traveled up my skirt. I held my breath until she reached the area that only I had touched for so long. I let out a gasp as her educated fingers swirled around my clit, teasing and taunting with delicate pressure.

“Say it,” she whispered in my ear. “Ask me to fuck you.”

“Please,” I gasped.

“Please, what?” she asked, breathing heavily into my ear.

“Please make me come.” I admitted what I wanted on a gasp.

She removed her hand from my skirt and demanded I lead her to the bedroom.

I did as she asked.

She stopped me just inside the bedroom door, then reached down, grabbing the sides of her shirt and pulling it up over her head.

I barely had time to breathe before she unclasped her bra, exposing her breasts.

“Touch them,” she said. “You wanted to touch breasts before. Touch them in any way you want. I’m not sensitive.”

I reached both hands out and cupped her breasts. They were soft, but firm, nipples standing erect at my touch.

“Can I lick them?” I asked.

Her smile was sweet, warm even. “You can do anything you want.”

I leaned down, licking the nipple at first, then damn near French kissing them, sucking easily as I retreated. I could have done it for hours, but I was eager to discover what else there was.

She reached behind me, unzipping my skirt and sliding it, along with my panties, to the floor. Immediately, I became shy. She removed her pants, and we stood there admiring each other’s naked bodies.

“Lay on the bed,” she said.

I complied, and she followed, lying next to me.

Her fingers wandered along my thigh to the area around my ribcage. I yearned for more, but was I ready for a sexual encounter with a woman, let alone a woman who was my subordinate? There were laws protecting her. There were none protecting me.

“Now, we have two options here. Either I can please you, then walk you through pleasing me, or, I can teach you first, then blow your mind. It’s up to you.”

“I have no idea what to do, or how to start,” I admitted. I would have hesitated if it weren’t for the fact she was the first one to touch me in ages.

Author bio

Anita has been writing general fiction, under her given name, for nearly a decade. In 2012 she strapped on a new name for a new genre and dove head first into writing erotica.

Anita Cox's erotic debut series Dirty White Candy was picked up by Liquid Silver Books in 2013, but this wasn't her beginning. Under her given name she has written crime fiction (some with paranormal elements,) paranormal romance and suspense novels.

In 2014, she became a Director for the Erotic Author's Guild. Her altruistic nature found its purpose, assisting other erotic authors with issues specific to the genre.

With a busy home life, Anita manages to ferret out enough time for each hat she must wear, though secretly, she wants to shut the world out and just write.

Author links

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Book Spotlight ~ Deadly Deliverance by Lorelei Confer

Things get personal for Sam Brower, undercover task force detective for human trafficking, when his niece, Autumn, goes missing. To make matters worse, he’s forced to work with his ex-girlfriend, Lisa Conover, former DC cop, when she’s assigned to a cold case involving his long lost brother.

After infiltrating the gang responsible for the multiple abductions, Sam and Lisa try to unravel the stories behind the kidnapping of Autumn and the disappearance of Luke before their cover is blown.

Undercover work doesn’t lend well to trust. Even if they work together like a fine tuned instrument, will Lisa and Sam be able to salvage love after all they’ve been through?

Purchase from Amazon:


“Ahh!! Oh!! Yes! Yes! It feels so good! Right there! Please, don’t stop, please,” Lisa Conover muttered. “Harder, harder! No! Don’t leave now!” She groaned as she pounded her fists into the hardwood floor. “Damn it! Why did you stop?” she asked Godiva, her twenty-two-pound silver tabby cat, who had jumped off her back and now sauntered over to a sunny spot on the carpet, flopping down in a very unladylike manner. Just like Sam used to do years ago, gets me feeling comfortable and then he takes off.
Lisa’s aching back muscles were so tight from hunching over her computer ten to twelve hours a day every day for the past weeks. She needed a massage. Better yet, she needed a vacation.
She rolled over onto her back and stared above at the open-beamed ceiling of her log cabin in the North Carolina mountains outside Hickoryville. She studied the accumulation of dust bunnies along the beams.
The setting sun cast shadows across the room as she gazed out the two-story floor-to-ceiling windows on one wall. The view of the tranquil scenic mountains in its resplendent fall glory replaced some of the angst she felt about her work. She relaxed and stretched her arms above her head. Her stomach growled, reminding her she hadn’t had any lunch today.
She stood, trying to stretch her still-aching muscles by turning side to side at the waist, touching her toes—or attempting to, anyway.
Then maybe she could get a few more hours of work done before bedtime.
After putting down fresh water and food for Godiva she opened the fridge, hoping to find something for dinner. She knew what she would find but she looked anyway. It was empty except for a couple of eggs, and an older-than-she-knew container of yogurt she couldn’t trust anymore.
She glimpsed down at Godiva, who had already finished her dinner. “I think I’ll run down to The Barn and get something to eat. You can hold down the fort here for a while, right?” she asked Godiva, who sauntered away licking her lips.
She walked the short distance from the kitchen to the corner of the large open room to her desk, which held her state-of-the-art computer system with three screens and a laptop. She sat down to start turning everything off when the phone on her desk rang.
“Conover Investigations, Lisa speaking.”
“Hi, is Sam Brower there?”
“Sorry, but I haven’t heard from Sam in years. How did you get my number?”
“This is the last number I had for him. I really need to talk to him ASAP.”
“Maybe I can help you. What’s the problem?”
“No, I need to talk to Sam.”
“I’m sorry I can’t help you. Give me your name and a number where he can reach you, and if I hear from him I’ll let him know you’re trying to get in touch with him, okay?”
“My name’s Luke and he can reach me at…” Then the phone line went dead. He had hung up.
What is it about men? They never say good-bye.

Author Bio: 
I live on a peninsula in the mid west coast of Florida with my husband, 2 cats, and AJ, my long haired Chihuahua. 
I wrote my first story in the fourth grade in the form of a play which actually was produced by my teacher for parents and students. I continued writing and majored in English in College. I practice everyday to improve my craft. 

I love reading almost as much as writing and have filled my book shelves with my favorites, i.e. Harlan Colban, Eliza March, Johanna Lindsey, Kathy Carmichael, Terri Garey, Karen Rose, LuAnn Rice, and Bobbi Smith just to mention a few, as well as all the classics.

I am a member of RWA (Romance Writers of America), TARA (Tampa Area Romance Authors), PRO, CSI (Crime Scene Investigations), just to mention a few.


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Book Spotlight ~ Arranged Marriage (Mr. Imperfect Series) by Aditi Chopra

Arranged marriage - where love happens after marriage or does it?

Ishan, a NRI from Dallas, Texas visits his home country, India and gets entangled in his parents’ plan to get him married. Sonali is a simple girl from a small town called Meerut and has no desire to leave India. However, she reluctantly agrees to marry Ishan. But when she settles with him in a foreign country, she is completely lost and homesick.

Will Sonali find love in a conventionally arranged marriage?

Purchase from Amazon:  

Ishan Suri was getting weary of his parents’ desire to get him married. They had been pestering him ever since he came to New Delhi for a month long trip. Having accumulated a number of vacation days, he’d decided to spend quality time with his parents. But he was second-guessing his decision now.
Ishan wanted to get out of this rut and made arrangements to meet his college friend, Ajay, for the evening. Dressed in his denim shorts and short-sleeved light-blue shirt, he waited outside a hip restaurant in Noida. Ishan had arrived at the exact time and invariably looked at his watch every five minutes. He was getting impatient but he knew that Ajay must be caught up in the endlessly growing Delhi traffic. The city’s traffic had worsened from when he used to live there, and it was nearly unrecognizable.
Ishan sighed as he finally spotted Ajay and went ahead to hug him.
“Hey, sorry, buddy, that it took so long,” said Ajay.
Patting his back, Ishan said, “Not to worry, I know how bad the traffic is. Let’s go inside and talk.”
They were seated comfortably at the bar by a young waiter. Ajay was impatient to get the drinks started. He called out to the bartender, “Two rum on the rocks, please.”

Ishan raised his hand. “Oh, no. I will just have a beer.”
“Really? But you used to have rum all the time?” Ajay said, rubbing his chin.
Ishan grinned. “Not any more. I have not had hard liquor in a long time.”
“You have become a chui-mui after going to America,” Ajay laughed.
After a couple of drinks, Ishan felt lighter and more cheery. He hadn’t seen Ajay in about five years, and they both relived their boisterous engineering college days. Ajay had been married for four years now and informed Ishan that he and his wife were expecting a baby in five months.
“Wow, you are a family man now!” said Ishan.
“You say it like it is a bad thing?” Ajay questioned, “How about you? When are you taking the plunge?”
Ishan frowned. “Not you also! That’s all my parents have been talking about since I came from Dallas. I am only thirty-two; it’s not like I’m past marriageable age! Would someone please give me a break?”
Ajay placed his hand on Ishan’s shoulder. “Chill, I’m not going to force anything on you.” He paused. “However, my mother mentioned the other day that one of her relatives is looking for a prospective groom for their daughter. Let me give you her name and number in case you change your mind.”
Ajay took out a blue pen and wrote down the details on a napkin that he grabbed from the bar. He quickly then put it in Ishan’s shirt pocket. Ajay tapped on it slightly so it wouldn’t fall off, securing the paper in Ishan’s pocket.
Ishan was about to throw it away but Ajay pulled his hand lightly. “Come on, let it stay there for few minutes. It’s not like it’ll magically get you married.” He laughed.
Ishan joined in the laughter. It reminded him of how they would tease each other about every possible girl in college days. It seemed like nothing had changed since then.
They stayed at the restaurant way late into the night, almost until it was time to close. “We should go buddy before he throws us out,” said Ajay, pointing at the waiter, who was standing to the side.
Ishan nodded. They hugged again and finally left the restaurant. Ishan drove home and crashed onto his bed; he had had too much to drink that night.

Additional information regarding this book

This is book two of Mr. Imperfect series. This series is about three friends (Nikki, Sonali and Maya) who live in Dallas, Texas and how their lives intersect with each other.

Author bio
Aditi Chopra was born in India and now lives in Texas with her family. She is passionate about writing and helping others succeed. Aditi writes NRI (Non Resident Indian) fiction and non-fiction books.

She has found her creative bone in fiction writing. Her fiction stories are rooted in Indian tradition and yet very modern. You might see a glimpse of Bollywood in her stories and will definitely enjoy the emotional ride.

Author links

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