Friday, July 19, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Heart's Bounty

from Ellora's Cave Spectrum...

Hunting is a young man’s game and Miho is well suited to it. He is a product of centuries of selective breeding, making him human-plus. He has a reputation for finding his quarry. But he doesn’t expect to find an older man at the Tag Board looking for work of his own.

Hevik was outlawed and banished from his homeworld, and now lives a solitary life hunting small-time criminals among the planets. A pretty boy with hair as dark as deep space makes him reconsider that lifestyle.

As the fates keep throwing them together while they pursue the same bounty, both of them discover depths about themselves, and about their lust and need for each other, that makes chasing their quarry all the more dangerous.



Hevik turned, marched back upstairs and collected Miho at the landing. “Come on, babe. We earned a good night’s sleep.”

Miho wanted to climb Hevik like a tree. He followed, stars in his eyes, and waited impatiently while Hevik opened the door. He pushed the man inside, pulling at his clothing. Hevik had thrown him his weapon, dropped fifteen feet, battled a monster and just taken out the garbage. He’d decided to give the old man the part of him he’d never shown him. He was desperately hungry and he wanted nothing more than to prove that how he treated his boyfriend was massively more passionate than how he treated a random stranger. For one, he’d never had a boyfriend.

“Hey, hey.” Hevik laughed and kissed him back. “What happened to so tired you couldn’t see straight?” He let Miho rip his clothes off and shove him to the bed. “Shoulda beat up half a dozen toughs for you before now if this is the response I get.”

“Gods, why are you still talking?” Miho kissed Hevik all over, running hands across his chest and falling to his knees gracefully to take off Hevik’s pants and shoes before standing and starting to remove his own clothes, his wide blue eyes fastening on Hevik’s. “I need you. I’m with you. I want you to take me and tell me how much I’m yours. I’ve never been anyone’s before and I want to know how it feels.”

Hevik reached out and pulled Miho onto the bed with him. “Mine,” he whispered, staring deep into Miho’s eyes. He kissed Miho then, a hard, claiming kiss that probed and opened and owned him. Hevik rolled them until Miho was on his back beneath him. “Mine.”

Miho sighed happily, tracing fingertips across Hevik’s shoulders and upper arms before wrapping them around his neck, arching under him to get as much skin contact as he could. “Yours. All yours, if you want. I’ve been fighting the fall for days.”

Hevik said nothing, but kissed Miho’s mouth and then his jaw. He worked his way down Miho’s throat and along his shoulders. He licked at Miho’s belly, teasing his navel. Studiously ignoring the hard cock that curved against his abdomen, Hevik kept kissing down to Miho’s knees.

Miho laughed and squirmed upward to keep Hevik from going to his knees on the hard floor. “Oh, please. I haven’t had sex in days.” He squirmed and whined as though this was a terrible inconvenience for him.

“Good. Means it’ll be better when you do.”


Author Bio
Angelia Sparrow perpetrates romance in the sultry mid-south, living with her long-suffering husband, ever-diminishing number of children and two demanding yet stupid cats. She is the editor and owner of Inkstained Succubus Productions, a small press. She gets around writer's block by knitting, crocheting and doing other crafts. 

She can be found at

valarltd (Livejournal, Fetlife, Etsy)
Angelia Sparrow (Facebook, Google+)
asparrow16 (twitter or AIM)

Her blog is located at
Her books are at
Inkstained Succubus  is at and

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