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Book Spotlight and Interview with Maureen O. Betita

Hello everyone, please welcome Maureen O. Betita to Sensuous Promos today as she shares with us a little bit about themselves and their work.

Maureen, thank you for joining us today. I know the readers are eager to get to know you , so let’s get started.

Can you tell us a little bit about where you are from?

The best answer to that is that I am from California. I’ve lived all over the state, and at the moment I am settled along the Monterey Bay. I love it and hope I never have to leave. The bay is a marine sanctuary and wonderfully rich and peaceful. Santa Cruz is an odd little place, but it keeps life interesting!

What does your writing desk look like? What would we find on it right this minute? 

Once upon a time, my desk was a table at Starbucks. Any table, any Starbucks. I still like to edit at my favorite coffee shop, but I find it difficult to create there. My new desk? A rocking chair by my loverlee gas fired stove. I have a footstool and my laptop…that’s all I need!

Do you have a specific writing style? In other words, are you a plotter or a pantser?

I am a total pantser. In fact, I generally consider myself a rocket strapped-to-my-ass-pantser. I let ideas gel, I dream, I drift…then it’s ass in chair and write. I might have an ending in mind, I might have one or two must-have scenes I already imagined, but how I get there is totally a mystery. For example…I wanted a scene in The Pirate Circus with a kraken fighting an airship. I knew what I wanted it to look like, but when or how I was gonna do it? Nope! Great surprise as I got closer and closer. Same thing with the ending of Lorelei’s Song.

Is there a message in your book(s) that you want readers to grasp?

Life consists of second chances. That is my underlying message in every book I write. I’m a big believer in chances. Second, third, fourth…I believe life gives you as many as it takes. Mine came when I suffered sudden cardiac death in 2007. And I’m still here! It woke me up, pushed me to let go of fear and go for it. Three years later, I was published.

How much of your book(s) have a bit of you in the characters?

Every single one. In small part or big part. It’s all about what I’m telling myself about myself. Or sharing with the world. Even when I don’t know I’m doing this, I realize that I did it, after the fact. I really believe it’s the only way to imbue my characters with authenticity.

Do you see writing as a career? Do you write full time? Or in addition to another job?

At this point in my life, I write. I don’t work outside of writing. I used to, but am fortunate that my husband is able to be the provider and let me write. Full-time? Do I write 8 hours a day? Nope. But this is my career.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Rules. I hate the rules. I hate the restrictions of a particular genre. I hate the rules of POV, for example. I want to feel free to tell the story from anywhere and everywhere. If I can make it work, why not? Do I have to wait until I’m a massive success before I can break this rule? I like to think they are more like guidelines

Do you have any advice to offer other writers?

I love the advice I got from my first writing coach, Judi McCoy. Finish the damned book. We hear that from all sorts of places, in different ways, but it all comes down to those words. FINISH! Or as I like to say, Tell the story. The whole story, and nothing but the story. I am a storyteller, first and foremost.

Where can our readers find you on the world wide web?

I have a website! Wow! Doesn’t everyone? ;-) But I am also a pirate sailing the cyber seas on the good ship Romance Writer’s Revenge. We are a blog of writers who imagine ourselves at sea. I crawled aboard some years ago and they didn’t throw me off. We be a great source of inspiration, advice and simple fun! Come visit! I am on Facebook, Maureen O. Betita Author…like me, please!

Do take a look at my newest book, fresh from Decadent Publishing, Lorelei’s Song. A bit of erotic horror/Steampunk… ;-)

Nicholas and Jerrod already know that what others consider a normal human experience is far from the insanity of their heritage. Yet, they still have hope for change. The answer to the primal drive that is slowly tearing their humanity away may rest in that opulent hotel preparing to host its first steampunk convention.

Lorelei is bored and well aware of how she appears; a spoiled, rich girl whose sexual tastes run toward the twisted and unpleasant. Looking to cure the discontentment winding through her soul, she arrives at the convention hoping for diversion. Instead, she finds Nicholas and Jerrod.

When the sons of Cthulhu stalk the daughter of a siren, the world shakes.

About The Author:
Well, I’m a writer living on the central coast of California, specifically the wondrous Monterey Bay. My specialty is romantic adventure stories featuring thoughtful heroines, offbeat heroes and settings that range from the Caribbean Sea to alien worlds. At the core to every story I write is a 2ndchance.

In April of 2007, I nearly died. My heart stopped and only the quick action of my husband saw me wake in a hospital bed days later, alive and completely bewildered as to what had happened. The doctors called it sudden cardiac death. I now have an implanted defibrillator in case it happens again. I was fortunate to survive. In being given a 2nd chance with my life, I dedicated herself to fulfilling the dream of being a published writer.

That dream is presently sailing along, gaining speed and finding the more amiable currents, sweetest winds and best anchorage. An trip full of adventure!

I have no set office, but wander from Starbucks to Starbucks to write amidst the chaos of coffee serving mayhem. Join me on this voyage of creative discovery. Set sail to lands of imaginative adventure, erotic play and rapturous poetry.

Twitter: @maureenobetita

His nostrils caught the perfume of something different. Spicy, with a hint of dry driftwood, it wafted by him and he froze. Damn, what the hell was that? A sharp rap on the table made him start. “Fuck.”
“Get up here!” A kick to the calf signaled he was needed.
He rose, rubbing his head, to find Jerrod snatching up a pair of goggles and sliding them on.
“What the hell?”
“My eyes. I can’t—” His kinsman turned his back on the nearly empty room. “I smelled something odd and—”
“Okay, okay. Sit and—”
“Get me the hell out of here!”
Jerrod gripped his arm tightly, head turned so Nicholas could glimpse the shadow of the change on his cheek bones.
Nicholas didn’t think. He wrapped his arms around his cousin and pulled him down to the shadow of the table. He lowered a hand and gripped the steel-rod erection he knew he’d find beneath the loose pants.
He held the rigid cock and whispered, “I smelled her, too. She’s out there. You just have to be stealthy. Be the monster who stalks, blend in. We’ll find her.”
The hollow echo of the deepest crevasse of the ocean reverberated against his bones in the low voice.
“Yeah, we’re gonna find her, and we’re gonna fuck her, and this time, we aren’t going to hold back.”


Lorelei’s Song is available from

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