Sunday, August 31, 2014

Book Spotlight ~ Natasha by Dahlia Donovan

Undercover Interpol agent Natasha Itsov is the ice queen of the European shifter world. Her reputation for loving and leaving without a second thought is well known. Until she met Darren Martel, another fox shifter. She broke both of their hearts when she ran from the bond forming between them.

It’s been years since they’ve crossed paths with each other. 

 The threat of the Auctioneer looming over Ivy brings the two shifters together for one last mission. Old wounds are reopened, while they struggle to ignore the bond formed all those years ago. Neither wants to risk another catastrophic broken heart, yet neither wants to walk away from the chance of happily ever after. 

 Is it ever too late for love?

Natasha is the second book of the Blackbird series by Dahlia Donovan. Book one, Ivy, is currently for sale on Amazon, Nook & Smashwords.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NEW RELEASE: Book Spotlight ~ Rescued by Her Alien Warriors

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, September 3rd.
A warship is no place for a human mother and her child. However, Drakan Commander Alzaar and his second-in-command, Bentaan, have no choice but to bring Sapphyre and Jayde on board. Not least, because their instincts scream at them that she is the one woman who can turn them into a family again.     

Sapphyre just wants to keep her daughter safe. How on earth does she do that surrounded by droolworthy Aliens, when her libido keeps leading her astray? It is abundantly clear that Alzaar doesn't want her on board the ship. At least Bentaan does and the sex is out of this world. If only her heart wasn't involved, and she didn't want both of them.

When the Tamarillion is attacked, Sapphyre has to fight for her men and the ship she now calls home. Without her all would be lost, and Alzaar finally shows his emotions.

However, when regulations and their pasts collide, can they rescue each other?

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He grasped her chin with enough force to leave bruises and the harsh kiss that followed was more of a punishment than a token of affection, but Sapphyre leapt up the passion behind it. She kissed him back with all of the emotion she was capable of and Bentaan ground his cock into her belly, and then pulled away with another curse.

Instantly Alzaar filled her vision, and everything inside her just bowed in submission at the intense heat in his gaze. He ran his hands up her neck and tilted it until his mark was exposed and his fangs ran out with an audible click. Sapphyre had a second’s warning before he bit down and sucked hard, while kicking her legs apart with his foot. Sapphyre screamed as white hot arousal surged through her veins, and another pair of hands settled on her breasts. With an audible rip the fabric of her dress tore until she stood naked. With Alzaar’s incisors lodged in her neck and, and his hands now pinning her arms high above her head, she had nowhere to go.

Bentaan grasped her hips and before she could fully comprehend his intention he lifted her up until she was impaled on Alzaar’s dick.

As wet as she was the move hurt, as her body struggled to open up to him. Alzaar swore and released her wrists as he grabbed her ass cheeks and lifted her off his cock a little to give her room to adjust. She grasped hold of his broad shoulders to steady herself, and then heat flared up in her butt, as Bentaan delivered a series of hard openhanded swats to her ass.

“Fuck, yes.” Alzaar staggered a little as the swats impaled her further on his cock, and his biceps tightened as his fingers dug into her outer thighs to keep her up.

“Does. This. Convince. You. That. We. Want. You?” Bentaan’s hot breath settled between her shoulder blades as he wrapped his free hand in her hair, and yanked her head back to make her look at him. His amber eyes glowed and fangs fully extended he punctuated every growled word with another stinging swat to her ass. Heat traveled up from her sore butt, and her internal walls clenched around Alzaar’s cock lodged deep inside her core. Her clit rubbed against his shaft with every move sent spirals of need through her body, and she tightened her thighs around his hips and rocked against him.

“Fuck, Taan, hurry up, this is killing me. She’s so damn close.”

A sharp bite to her lower back hurt and brought her arousal down a notch and Bentaan yanked her hair hard one last time before releasing it. Her scalp stung with the force and then his hot mouth soothed the sting of his earlier bite away, and she shut her eyes against the sensation of his tongue licking a path across her butt. Cool air hit her crack when he pulled her ass cheeks apart and then licked up and down her cleft and her little puckered hole. He tunneled his tongue inside that dark place, and Alzaar held her still, while Bentaan prepared her for what she knew was coming.

She let her head fall onto Alzaar’s shoulder and ran her hands up his head until she could hold onto his horns. Instantly he grew bigger still inside and the pulsing off his dick almost made her come on the spot.
Author Bio:
Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.

There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.

She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book Spotlight ~ A Cruise To Remember (Holly Devine - Assistant PI Book 1)

An amnesia victim, found by the side of the road is befriended by an older woman with early Alzheimer's. The woman takes the victim, Hallie, with her as a companion on a Caribbean cruise, Eric is an Interpol agent working on breaking up an international jewelry theft ring. He's undercover as the ship's doctor on a Caribbean cruise. Sparks fly when Hallie and Eric meet, but as the cruise progresses he's thinking Hallie might be the thief stealing from the passengers. His reasoning is amnesia and Alzheimer's make a good cover, and Lillian keeps coming up with pieces of jewelry passengers have dropped or lost. To complicate everything someone is trying to kill Hallie and she has no idea why. Eric. Lillian finds an older cowboy a who she's interested in and then there's the sleazy man who keeps hitting on Hallie. As the cruise progresses Hallie gradually starts to regain her memory. Eric decides she's not a thief but has to find the real one and their romance heats up.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Book Spotlight ~ Raven (The Witches Legacy 1)

When Xander Kane meets a delectable exotic dancer in a bar he frequents, he is instantly drawn to her striking beauty. He knows he has to have her, but when he finally convinces her to let him take her home, she disappears without a trace after they share the most electrifying night together. He never thought he would see her again, but when fate takes her right back to his doorstep he is intent on making her pay for running out on him like she did before. But Raven is not what she seems, and the secrets she hides, coupled with his own dark skeletons, threatens to destroy any hope that Xander harbored for them.
On her twenty-first birthday, Raven’s world is thrust into a magical whirlwind when she finds out that she is not just an ordinary girl, but a witch with royal blood. On top of that, she is being hunted by an evil sorcerer who wants her for her blood. She sets out on the journey of a lifetime, in search of her two sisters and finds herself fighting for her life at every turn. When she meets Xander Kane, he is everything she wants in a man and everything she cannot afford to let herself have.
Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that confront them at every turn and find their way to love?

Adult Excerpt
“Don’t come.” Xander’s voice was like a battering ram slamming into her head, interrupting the intoxicating sexual high she had been experiencing.
“No!” she screamed when his lips left her sex, his head moving from between her legs.
He chuckled softly, gently easing her legs off his shoulders and rising to his feet. “I say when, beautiful, never forget that. You come when I tell you to, only when I tell you to.”
She had to bite her tongue to quell the annoyance that welled in her stomach at his words. Who the fuck did he think he was? She wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. She wanted to knee him in the groin and get the hell out of there. But when he took her hand and pulled her off the sofa, she couldn’t find the will to even resist for a moment. She was desperate for him, desperate for the pleasure she knew he could give her. Moisture seeped between her thighs when she noticed the lustful animal ferocity in his sea-blue eyes and her anticipation returned with full force. Oh God, maybe she was a whore after all!
He spun her around so that the fronts of her thighs were touching the arm of the sofa. He ran his hand over her shoulders and down her arms, reaching around to cup her breasts, as he used his body to push her forward. She was now fully bent over the sofa arm, ass held high, head lying on the soft cushions. She whimpered when one of his hands trailed a heated path along her spine to finally splay at her waist and hold her in place. His other hand delved between her thighs, easing the thong fully to the side as he sank two long, thick fingers into her body with exquisite gentleness.
“So eager, so fucking wet,” he groaned as he withdrew his fingers to fondle her clit before sinking them into her heat again. Myra couldn’t stop herself from gyrating on his hand. Her pussy clenched and gushed reflexively, loving the feel of his fingers inside her sex, wanting even more still.
“Please…please, I-I’m so...God, don’t make me beg.” Hot tears stung the back of her eyes when she heard the desperate, pathetic words that had just been uttered from her lips. How did he do this to her? How did he reduce her to nothing more than want and need without even trying?
“You don’t need to beg, beautiful, at least not tonight. Tonight I’ll freely give you what you desire, all that you desire.” He pulled back then, leaving her momentarily to quickly sheath himself with a condom. Then he was plunging into her, his powerful cock forcing its way into her tight channel, stretching her almost painful. A loud gasp escaped Myra when she felt him sinking into her. God, she’d forgotten how big he was. Jesus, he was so damn huge! She gripped the sofa for support as he filled her to capacity, inch by glorious inch.
“Christ, you feel good. So fucking good around my cock,” he rasped, his voice shaking with unleashed lust. He pulled back, sliding his cock completely out of her. She glanced over her shoulder wildly, afraid he would stop. Did he plan to just leave her hungry and desperate like this, to punish her? God, she wouldn’t survive it.
“Don’t go! Xander, please, I—”
“Shhh,” he said, and she watched as he held his magnificent cock in one hand and slowly rubbed it against her moist slit, teasing her until she was wiggling against him, pressing back to try and force him to enter her again. Then suddenly, he was at her entrance again, his thick member sliding into her like it was made to be there. She cried out as he began to fuck her steadily, pulling back and pushing in, finding a delicious rhythm that made her pussy clench and flutter.
“Yes…Jesus, yes!” she cried, curling her fingers into the cushion. Xander grabbed her hips and continued to fuck her at an almost leisurely pace, pumping into her with slow, torturous thrusts. Myra worked her hips, pushing back on him to try and get him deeper into her body.
“That’s it, beautiful, fuck me back.” His voice was a harsh grate now and she felt his pace quicken, his thrusts becoming more powerful with each roll of her hips.
“Ahh, fuck yes! Harder, please…faster.” She could feel her core tightening in response to his forceful fucking. His hand reached under her to cup one breast, squeezing the nipple and rolling it between his fingers. Her pussy clamped down hard and Xander almost roared behind her.
“Fucking hell, you grip me so tight. Let me feel that come, beautiful, come for me now!” Sensation immediately exploded inside her and without further warning, her body seized under him, a powerful climax washing over her like a tidal wave. Her release continued for so long that her body almost felt as if it had disconnected from her mind. She was simply a mass of nerves, whimpering and writhing in agonizing pleasure.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Book Spotlight ~ Wishes and Wedding Cake

Nick Berkley is happy being the best man, never the groom. Life is complicated enough with his thriving veterinary practice and working nights at the family pet store covering for his ailing father. He prefers dates to relationships. He doesn't need one woman to try to change him or his ways. Now his friend's Marine unit is shipping overseas and with only two weeks to plan a 4th of July wedding, Nick's put in charge of finding the perfect wedding cake when all the bakeries in town are booked for the holiday.

Independent single mother Delilah Redmond still remembers the first wedding cake she watched a groom feed his bride. In that one magical moment, baking the perfect wedding cake became her passion. Six years later, Delilah finds herself wishing for more—more time with her son and more of a name for herself in the wedding cake business. But long hours in the kitchen with no recognition have left her feeling like a failure on both counts. Now Delilah's thinking of giving up her cake pans, and she hopes a vacation in the quiet mountain town of Starlight Hills will help clear her head…until she meets Nick, the desperate-for-a-cake best man.

Sweet desperation has Nick making promises he's never made before and one woman's to blame.

Now, pulling off the perfect wedding cake may force Delilah to depend on someone else…but she might also find everything she's ever wished for.

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From the corner of her eye, she saw a man stand and motion to her. Nick Berkley, a.k.a. the Cake Man. The ripple of anxiety grew into a life-size wave. Her nervous fingers brushed at the sides of her pink sundress as she hoped the heat rising up the base of her neck wasn't visible. Even from the doorway she could sense his blue eyes watching her—sizing her up, most likely.

So, she'd share a meal with the man. No harm in that.

Delilah walked to the table, and he pulled out her chair. Apprehension zinged along her spine, though he was a perfect gentleman. He'd changed clothes since their earlier encounter on the street. His T-shirt was now replaced with a black golf shirt. She looked around for his dog; thankfully, he was nowhere to be found. A single yellow daisy stood at attention in the bud vase between their two plates, and in the awkward silence of those first few seconds while he sat and adjusted the napkin on his lap, she considered counting the petals to avoid his eyes.

No luck.

She glanced up, only to be instantly captured by the twinkle in his sapphire eyes. Then he smiled, the carefree grin tugging at the edges of his lips. Warmth spread through her chest. Though she wasn't naive enough to believe this was anything more than part of his act, she could still enjoy the man's company. He wanted something that he thought she could provide. Whether she said yes or turned him down, having dinner with a good-looking man wasn't a bad way to start her vacation. Her mother would have a field day with him and his proposal. Still, Delilah found herself intrigued, and ignored her mother's voice that always took up residence in her head at the most inopportune times.

He held out his hand across the table. "I guess we should introduce ourselves. I'm Nick Berkley, and just so you know, I don't normally ask strangers to bake cakes for me."

She couldn't resist the laugh that bubbled up. His admission made him even more endearing. She extended her own hand across the table in return, letting it be enveloped in his. "Delilah Redmond, and just so you know, I don't pack cake pans in my luggage when I'm on vacation. And you'll forgive me if I seem a little cautious, Mr. Berkley. I must admit I'm feeling a little like I've been set up."

"Guilty. Sometimes knowing everyone in town has its advantages. I promise you I'm not a crazy stalker, just persistent."

Twitter: @DeboraDennis

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Book Spotlight ~ Twisted Love: 12 cases of love gone bad-a biography true crime

Twisted Love: 12 cases of love gone bad-a biography true crime 

The End of Autumn-To keep from paying child support for his three children, Rodney Williams, plots with his parents to kidnap his estranged wife, 25-year old Autumn, in broad daylight. This 2011 crime shocked the small community of Logan, Ohio. 

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing-In 2011, 53 year old Russell Strothers, and his teenage accomplice find their victims through Craigslist and strike with calculating and deadly force.

A Senseless Killing-This 2010 case uncovers how a 40 year old likable barmaid was lured to her death after she rejects her young admirers sexual advances.

The Death of Innocence-This 2011 murder case involved 4 year old Marcie Willis, and her evil stepmother 25 year old Cheryl, from the small bedroom community of The Plains, Ohio.

The Girl Not Forgotten-This cold case took 26 years to solve, but brought justice for 13-year-old Holly Buford, and put serial rapist, 40-year-old Stanley Snead, behind bars.

The Possession-When 29-year-old Valerie Harris severs the penis of her sexually abusive father, it makes national news in 2007.

Home Town Hero-When deaf students are murdered in the prestigious Rose Brick College of the Deaf in 2008, everyone is shocked when discovering the killer is one of their own.

The Spell Caster Murders-When 42 year old Fortune Teller Sally Vu and her 21-year-old daughter Veronica are discovered murdered and physically desecrated, in 2001, evidence points to revenge and a spell gone wrong.

All For the Family-In 2003, as a way to erase her 22-year-old husbands criminal past, 19 year old Molly Abbott devises a ghoulish and desperate strategy.

Thicker Than Water?-When 52 year old Kim Michaels is found dismembered inside her burned out home in 1996, officers find the crime more confusing than a jig saw puzzle.

Mail Order Murder-The last thing the beautiful Russian mail order bride Anna dreamed of in 2001, was being murdered by her controlling and older American husband.

Where’s Christopher?-When four year old Christopher Ellis goes missing, numerous excuses and an odd odor emanating from the backyard in 1991, raises eyebrows.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

COVER REVEAL: Owning the Beast by Alexa Riley


When Annabella Blanca finds herself on the doorstep of her new home, she is terrified, yet hopeful of what her new life will be.

Griffin Stone has locked himself away from the world. One minor mix-up, and all his carefully built walls come crashing down.

When love finds its way in to even the darkest of hearts, will it be enough to stand the greatest tests? Can beauty own the beast?
Warning: This book contains a scarred hero, a virgin bride, insta-love, and tons of sex.

CHAPTER 1 *Annabella*

Alive. I don’t think I’ve felt this alive since my father’s death two weeks ago. While I’m afraid of what’s to come, I welcome the feeling. It’s better than the numbness I’ve been living in. Anxiety was a constant knot in my stomach these days. The fear of not knowing what was to come was the hardest part. My heart was pounding so hard against my ribcage I’m almost sure the driver can hear it.

Tearing my eyes away from the lush green hills, I focused back on Logan. When he’d picked me up from the agency in Seattle, he said that his boss, Mr. Stone, had sent him to retrieve me. I have not met my future husband yet, but I felt a pang of disappointment when it sunk in that he did not turn up to meet me himself.

I dressed my part to the best of my abilities; a yellow sundress with white polka dots that came to a stop slightly above my knees along with a pair of simple white flats. A lady at the agency even helped to curl my usually straight, long black hair, tying it up in a white bow to match my dress. I started to second-guess my choice of wardrobe after seeing the look the driver had given me, mumbling something about how “you don’t look like what the boss usually orders”.

One thing I can assume, just from my driver, is that my husband-to-be must be a very, very rich man. Coupled with the fact that this is one of the nicest cars I’ve ever seen and overhearing John at the agency say that I’d fetched a higher price because my virginity was still intact. I wasn't trying to hold on to it, really, I just never got a chance to have a life outside of my family. Growing up in Mexico City, my father and mother rarely let me out of their sight, which is understandable from some of the horror stories I’ve heard over the years. My father did his best to hide me away, even going to the extent of having my mother homeschool me.

After mother was killed by Mexican drug cartel when I was fifteen, I took on her role in the family. Father loved her dearly and was utterly destroyed by her passing. He merely existed afterward, and I often felt that he’d only kept living to keep me safe. That was up till two weeks ago where he had a massive heart attack, causing my little world to come crashing down.


I am completely alone in this world. That loneliness was probably the main reason why I was in this car to begin with.

I sat at father’s bedside for three whole days before he’d finally slipped away from me. I had absolutely no idea what I would do without him. I’d never been so terrified in my life. The thought of returning to my home without him, without his protection, it just wasn’t going to happen. I would die, or worse. While father may not have let me out of the house much, I still hear the screams, the gunfire and the police sirens outside my window every day. Father said they left us alone because he paid his dues, whatever that meant. I have no money, my Spanish isn’t fluent, and my bright blue eyes give away the fact that I’m not one hundred percent Mexican.

When I shared my fears with father’s nurse, she gave me a man’s card. A man who could get me out of Mexico and give me a whole new life in America. Mother was American and often spoke wonderful things about her country. I grew up speaking English, with Spanish as my second language. Mother always said we would move to America together one day, but that dream died the same day she did.

And that was how I found myself faced with this choice. I kept asking myself if this made me a whore. While I might not be selling myself to a different man each day, I was still selling myself to one. I wonder how he’s like. My parents’ marriage was a beautiful one. They loved each other deeply and I longed to have that with someone; to make a home and fill it with children, to love without living in fear each day. While we may not have had much, father and I had love and now, I have no one. I should be thankful I had even made it out alive though. I am never going back.

Father always said I was the most stubborn person he has ever met. I drove him crazy with my constant chatter and always needed to have things done a certain way, but he said that I would make a wonderful wife one day. I made it my goal to make father smile after my mother passed away. Nothing made me happier than when I could get a laugh from him. I’m still not sure if I ever truly did though. Maybe if my mother were still alive, he would have fought harder to stay, had the will to live.

I’m determined not to lose the battle this time. I will be a wonderful wife—that’s the plan, anyway. I’ve talked to some of the girls at the agency before I was picked up. I asked a lot of questions about what I should do and what American husbands would like from their wives. Most of the things they told me were sex related but I took as many notes as I could. After all, most of the women there were call girls. If anyone knew how to make a man happy, it would be them. The agency not only did mail-order brides, they also housed women who men could rent by the hour. Some of the women tried to talk me into staying, saying that I would be freer there rather than being trapped in a loveless marriage. I had my U.S. citizenship because of my mother, but I wanted protection. And love. They laughed at the idea of a happy-ever-after, claiming I was being naïve, and that if a man had to get a mail-order bride then there must definitely be something wrong with him.

I figured maybe he was just lonely. But what if he’s a cruel man? my mind kept asking me. Logan, the driver, seems nice enough. We may have only spoken a few words to each other but he put me at ease. Would such a nice man take me to someone who would cause me harm? Maybe I really am naïve…

Drawing my eyes up to the rear view mirror, my gaze met Logan’s. Embarrassed at being caught staring at him, I went back to looking out the window. The sun has almost fully set now and instead of vast green fields, there are now hundreds and hundreds of trees blocking everything else out.

“We’re almost there, sugar,” Logan said in a slow drawl, pulling my eyes back to him once again. “You sure you wanna do this? You look like you’re about to bolt from this car. You must be new. I’ve never seen you before.”

I’m unsure of what he meant. Has my future husband been married through the agency before?

“Has Mr. Stone been married before?” I asked, curiosity getting the best of me.

Logan released a bark of laughter along with a forceful no.

I guess that means he’s been using the call girls then. I’m not sure which is more unsettling, the thought of my husband using call girls, or that his driver thinks the idea of him getting married is laughable. These thoughts aren’t doing much to help settle the pounding of my heart.

“Here we are. Welcome to Creston Falls.”

Logan slowly pulls the car up to a big black gate that looks to be about fifteen feet tall. Rolling down the window, he punches in a code and the gate opens. As we pulled up the long, rocky drive, I took in the majestic sight. The mansion resembled a castle out in the middle of nowhere. If this is to be my home, I have no idea how I am ever going to keep this place clean.

Stepping out of the car, I tried to settle my thoughts. Out of the corner of my eyes, something moved by one of the windows, catching my attention. Stepping forward, trying to get a better look, I saw a shadow of a man back away from the window.

Turning to Logan, I asked, “Was that Mr. Stone?”

“He’s the only one home right now, so I reckon it was. Go on in, I’m sure he’s waiting for you. I’ll park the car in the garage over there,” he said, pointing to a large building to the left of the mansion. “When you're done, have Mr. Stone call me or walk on over and I’ll take you back to the city if you like.”

Before I could ask what he meant, he hopped back in the car, leaving me to my fate. Taking a deep breath, I took the final ten steps to the door and slowly opened it.


I’m Alexa Riley! Mom, wife, and business woman by day and smut writer by night. I specialize in the Dirty Date Night reading. I wrote my first book, Owning Her Innocence, because well, I just couldn’t find any daddy books to my liking. So I sat down and just started writing, bringing the fantasies I find myself often dancing to in the dark of night to life, one page at a time.

Alexa Riley is my alter ego. I can’t let the other soccer moms know what I’m up to or the guys at work for that matter. Little do they know that they’ve got nothing on my dirty talk.

I’m here to give you a quick fix of filthy dirty smut. Got a few hours to kill? Then I’m what you’re looking for.

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 * If you receive confirmation that spots are available and one is being held for you (holds will only remain in place for 24hours) please send your payment via paypal to with “Maximum Exposure Package” in the payment description box.  
For any clarifications or to voice any questions you may have, please contact CJ at with “Party Question” in the subject line. Due to the anticipated high volume of email, please allow me 48hrs to get back with you.
Please feel free to forward this message to your friends, colleagues and any other industry professionals you can think of. And don’t forget about those readers too!
Thanks! We look forward to having tons of fun with you!
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The Deal Series Author Deborah Ann Rex, The Ex and The Hex Letterbox Love Stories Volume 1 Blood will Freeze by Tony-Paul de Vissage The Tarnished Series by Brita Addams Stacked Deck by Jack Frost The Night Man Cometh by Tony-Paul de Vissage Finding Holland by Grace Ryles Twisted Love by JoAnne Myers Cowboys Never Fold by Lexi Post 4 tales of Betrayal when lies, lust, and deceit are unleashed Available now on Ravens of War 3 Nikki's Fated by Suzette Rose Cauler Award Winning Author, Lexi Post Loves Myths and Monsters by JoAnne Myers Bookstrand Best Selling Author, Suzy Shearer Check out al of Shirley's Books Zane's Choice:The Doms of Club Mystique 4 by Mardi Maxwell Mirage by Denyse Bridger Amazon Best Selling Author, Christina Tetreault Claiming Her Temporary Men by Grace Ryles Matrix Crystal Hunters by Janice Seagraves Rescued by her Alien Warriors by Doris O'Connor
Margaret Tanner Margaret Tanner Margaret Tanner Margaret Tanner Margaret Tanner Margaret Tanner Margaret Tanner