Margaret Tanner

Award Winning,

Historical and Western Romance Author,
Margaret Tanner

They will need to overcome dark secrets from the past, betrayal and treachery.

A vengeful man tells a lie, and Becky Tucker’s reputation is ruined. Castigated and shunned by the townsfolk, she leads a life of servitude on her stepfather’s ranch.
Desperate to escape, she accepts a reluctant marriage proposal from the sheriff of Blackwood, Ryan Mulligan.
To find happiness together they will need to overcome dark secrets from the past, betrayal and treachery.

Will Laurie let Dick hang for a murder he did not commit?

Captain Blair Sinclair returns from the trenches of World War 1 suffering amnesia, and mistakes Lauren (Laurie) Cunningham for his fiancée. When his real fiancée turns up his memory returns, and Laurie is banished for being an imposter. Pregnant and desperate to hide the shame of having a baby out of wedlock, she marries Dick McKinlay who needs a wife to hide his own dreadful secret. Will Laurie publicly admit to carrying Blair's child, and risk the dire consequences that will follow? Or will she let Dick hang for a murder he did not commit?
 Previously published by a publisher who is ceasing business


Gabe will exact a terrible revenge when he meets the woman who ruined his life.

Because of her bigamous husband, Sophie is now a soiled dove and has to leave town. Captured by a group of desperadoes, she escapes and is found by Gabe Benton, a man whose life is tainted by the thirst for revenge. They fall in love, but what will happen when Gabe discovers Sophie is implicated in his wife’s death?

Laura’s past catches up with her.

Vilified by The Temperance Society ladies, betrayed and hunted by a ruthless brothel owner, Laura is on the run. Her Pa’s isolated ranch will be her refuge, if only she can make it there.
Seriously wounded gunslinger, Caleb, is found by Laura and nursed back to health.
To find happiness together, Caleb and Laura will have to overcome secrets, lies and betrayal.


Will Claire find happiness with Aaron on his Texas ranch?

Destitute, eighteen year old Claire is forced into prostitution, and ends up working in a high class establishment in New Orleans. A chance sighting of her childhood sweetheart, Aaron Kirby, gives her hope that he might help her escape from the ruthless brothel owner, Michael De Rosa. If she does get away, will she find happiness with Aaron on his Texas ranch? Or, will her shameful past be too much for him to forgive? Award winning authors have joined forces to create an exciting new Historical series - Soiled Doves. Each book in the series will be a stand-alone novella with a happily ever after ending. Note: Although Soiled Dove was a term used mainly for brothel/cathouse workers in the 19th Century, we have taken liberties and our Soiled Doves are mostly girls who have had sexual relations outside of wedlock as in some cases they were also known by this term. 

Previously published by a publisher who is ceasing business


Will Mattie be saved from a life of servitude?

Accused of a crime he did not commit, William McIntyre flees to his brother’s isolated ranch. He meets his sister-in-law Mattie who leads a life of servitude under the iron fist of his cruel identical twin, Wilbur.
When Wilbur is accidentally killed, William takes on his brother’s identity to save both himself and Mattie from the hangman. Will their desperate plan succeed? 


Can a deceived bride, and a reluctant groom, find happiness together?

Joshua was a happy bachelor until his scheming sister lands him with a Mail Order Bride. Desperate to escape Boston, Edwina accepts the marriage proposal she believes has come from him. What will happen when they meet?


Afghanistan took her husband, so Abby will do anything to save their child.

Haunted by the death of her soldier husband from the wounds he sustained in Afghanistan, and the malice of her in-laws, Abby Palmer is on the run with her baby. She no longer believes in happily ever-afters.
Ethan Alexander’s fiancée defrauded him out of millions then dumped him. He is in no mood to be kind to anyone.
He meets up with Abby and against his better judgement helps her.
Will the cynical tycoon and the young war widow let their wounded hearts stand in the way of future happiness?


Margaret Tanner is a best-selling, award winning multi-published Australian author. She loves delving into the pages of history as she carries out research for her historical and western romance novels, and prides herself on being historically accurate. No book is too old or tattered for her to trawl through, no museum too dusty, or cemetery too overgrown.

As part of her research she has visited the World War 1 battlefields in France and Belgium, a truly poignant experience.

Margaret has won numerous writing awards including the 2007 and 2009 Author of the Year at Frontier Belle, with a title of Frontier Wife, won the historical romance section of the 2010 Readers Choice Award. With a title of Wild Oats, Allison’s War, was a 2011 Finalist in the EPIC awards. With a title of Ruthless Seduction, Fiery Possession was short listed in the 2012 Find An Aussie Star Unpublished Manuscript Award from ChocLit Publishers, U.K. In 2015, Falsely Accused, won the historical romance section of the Easy Chair Literary competition.

Rawhide ‘N Roses, a Western Anthology is a 2015 Rone Award Finalist.

Margaret is married with three grown up sons, and two gorgeous little granddaughters.

Outside of her family and friends, writing is her passion.

Over the last few months, with the encouragement of her friend, Western Romance author, Susan Horsnell, Margaret is writing Western Romance.

All Margaret’s books are available at Amazon.

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