Sunday, April 28, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Blue Moon House: Kitten

Jocelyn considers herself sexually experienced, a leader and manipulator. She is looking for the next challenge. The rumors surrounding Blue Moon House sound like just the thing she's looking for. Losing her roommate to marriage, she also needs a new place to stay. Hoping to find both in the same entity, she follows the rumors to their source and finds much more than she bargained for, beginning with a discovery that defies her biological science background - vampires. 

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Jocelyn shifted a little, swinging. She was completely suspended. She was also completely helpless. There was nothing she could do to free herself or even move more than a sway. The ceiling was higher than she had first realized and her crotch was only a little under Harry's chin as he circled her, examining.

Inhaling deeply, he said, “You were eager for this.” His tongue darted out and touched her hot skin. She shuddered, shaking in the harness, but barely moving. “Do you like it?” he asked, a finger tracing each of her lower lips, circling her anus and vagina and clitoris.

“Oh, yes. Yes.” She longed to move, to touch herself, to have him touch her more.

“Yes. I think your kettle is ready. I'll be right back.”

“What?!” Jocelyn turned her neck to follow him as he left the room. He wouldn't really leave her here, would he? She struggled against the ropes, trying to find a way down. She swung and twisted, but couldn't move more than that. She started to cry, scared. Had she handed herself over to someone who would hurt her? Had she made a horrible mistake?

“Look at you."

Who is Angela? 

Angelica Dawson is the author of Blue Moon House and its prequels. As an environmental consultant, she is no stranger to the bloodsucking hordes; unfortunately, they are black flies and mosquitoes, not vampires. She has contributed to the first Serviced Anthology and the third Campus Sexploits anthology.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Untamed - Duty Bound Book 3

"Shaped by tragedy. Bound by duty. Driven by justice." Avery trusts his instincts, not the law, to protect a deaf woman and her young son.

Posted in the heart of winter to a remote detachment in Newfoundland, Constable Avery Stone is a freshly demoted Mountie with a rogue streak. As he looks into the death of a disgraced officer, he stumbles onto a plethora of unresolved crimes. His troubling investigation throws him into the path of Hannah Parker, the feisty deaf mother of a young boy.

To escape her past, Hannah moves into her grandfather's secluded cabin. She catches a glimpse of his killers in the woods, but her credibility is damaged by recanted accusations. The birth of a fatherless son further tarnishes her reputation, and hinders her ability to trust. When shadowy forces threaten her family, Hannah is forced to rely on Avery.

Tangled in a web of deadly deceit, Avery seeks to protect Hannah and her son while desperately trying to retrieve the crucial evidence locked inside their minds. Can Hannah recapture her past in time to save her only child and the man she's come to love?



The door opened, and a woman in a purple and gray winter coat, the same woman he'd seen yesterday at church, entered, robbing Avery of his last word. She approached the reception counter.

"Hello, Hannah." Cooper had backtracked to the entrance of the corridor. "I'm busy, but our new constable will take care of you."

The fire burning inside the belly of the stove didn't guard the room from the icy front sweeping between his colleague and the woman. Bracing himself for a verbal altercation, Avery proceeded toward the counter and came face to face with angry ocean blue eyes. Same blue eyes as the quiet child.

"I'm Constable Stone, ma'am. How can I help you?"

"I'm being threatened, Constable, and I'm growing tired of it." A strange accent he couldn't identify lingered in her voice. "You may want to relate that last part to your sergeant."

She reached inside her pocket and presented him with a red envelope. As he snapped on a pair of latex gloves, a white pom-pom brushed the woman's arm. Avery peeked over the top of the counter. The youngster looked at him like he or she had done in church. Mother and child. No doubt in his mind.

He turned his full attention to the short message tucked inside the envelope. I'm coming for you, Parker. Pack your Ugly Brat and get out while you can.

The blue-eyed kid looked neither ugly nor bratty. Nevertheless, the unveiled threat was too specific to be a random act.

"Where and when did you find the letter, Ms. Parker?" Cooper had called her Hannah, so Avery assumed Parker to be her last name. When she didn't immediately correct him, he committed the name to memory…where it superposed with the name provided by the coroner. She's the one who found Brent Abbott's body.

"I live in a log cabin in the woods, about twenty klicks from here. Around two a.m. my dog heard someone at the door. When I answered, the wind carried the envelope inside. It would have been placed on the front porch. There were footprints in the snow. I followed them to the shed where they stopped at the edge of Ski-Doo tracks."

"Someone threatens you and you chase after him in the middle of the night?" The woman was insane, impulsive, or fearless. Or worse, a combination of the three.

"What else was I supposed to do? Call you?" Her nostrils flared. "You didn't bother showing up for the other letters. I'm done wasting my time waiting for assistance."

He hadn't been here on those previous occasions, and he didn't appreciate being tossed in the same basket as Cooper and Reed. "Did you follow the snowmobile tracks?"

"In the dark? While my son was sleeping?" The dubious look she gave him bordered contempt. "I'm not that stupid."

Who is J.S.?  

J.S. Marlo spent her childhood in a small French Canadian town, reading and daydreaming stories. One day, she met her hero, a dashing young officer, and followed him back and forth across the country.

The "memorable" adventures she experienced with her young family fueled her imagination and kindled the dream of one day becoming a published author. It wasn't until after her three spirited children left the nest in pursuit of their own adventures, that J.S. finally gave writing a chance.

Her first two dozen stories were for her friends' eyes only. To her surprise and delight, they enjoyed them and rewarded her with their encouragement and support. J.S. kept writing, and learning, and writing…

She finally captured her dream with her first novel "Salvaged", and then carried on with her first series "Duty Bound": Unscripted–Book One, Unearthed–Book Two, and Untamed–Book Three.

J.S. lives in northern Alberta with her wonderful hubby, and when she's not visiting her children and little granddoggie, she's working on her next series in front of the fireplace.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Poems About Life, Love, and Everything in Between

This poetry collection provides a glimpse into the heart, mind, and soul, of its author. It is a heartwarming read, written with love and respect for others.

Some poems were written in times of sorrow, others in joyous celebration. Life is like that. 

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Wonderfully Asian


Young Army recruit Billy Masters has left the farm headed straight to boot camp. His first night is spent off base at a strip club that gives Billy and his friend Joey excitement beyond their wildest teen-age-boy imaginations. 

Join Billy as he experiences the talents of a beautiful dancer named Cho, an Asian women in the art of pleasing men.


     Getting undressed, I was thinking she was working and questioned her about how much it would cost. With a frown she shook her finger at me she and stated, “Just make love to me Billy, I don’t want any money, you’ve been so nice to me, I just need you to inside of me”.
    I rushed to the bed, knelt down, pulled her over to the edge and began running my tongue up the inside of her left leg. Reaching her lovely pussy I ran my tongue up down her outer lips, and then suckled them, while I kneaded her perky tits, pinching and twisting her nipples, turning them into hard little bullets. I then licked my way up her body to her tits and began sucking on and licking, alternating between each breast while massaging the other breast one hand and lightly spanking her pussy with my other hand. After several minutes of this, I licked and kissed my way down her body and her right leg to her ankle, then back up to her wet pussy. I slowing licked and nibbled her intoxicating pussy, licking, sucking and lightly biting her clitoris, then sticking my tongue into her pussy as far as I could, rolling and fucking as deep as I could. While doing this I massaged each tit with one hand while rubbing and massaging her legs. After tongue fucking her for several minutes I started sucking her clit, stuck my middle finger just inside her pussy, found he g-spot and rubbed.
     Cho began trashing and bucking, having an intense orgasm, splashing my face with copious amount of pussy juice. When she started to come down from her orgasm I joined her on the bed and while we kissed deeply, I finger fucked her through another orgasm. Cho broke off the kiss, bent her head down and began licking up and down my raging hard on, stopping to gum the sides, then licking under the rim of my cock head, back down to my balls and taking each ball in her mouth separately and rolling them around in her mouth while she pumping up down and down on my shaft. She then licked her way back up my cock, taking my cock head just inside her mouth and sucking on it like it was a tootsie roll pop and she was trying to get to the creamy center, all the while swirling her tongue around and into my piss slit. 

Who is Billy?
I was born in the United States, in the South West, in a small farming community. My family never had much money, but we always ate well, with our own vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, bread, fruit, cake and home made ice cream. When I became a pre-teen and wanted more money than I could beg from my parents, I worked for other farmers on top of my own work at home. I thought farm life was a very hard life, so at seventeen I moved to a large city approximately 130 miles away.
At 20 years old I joined the U.S. Army for 4 years. During that time I saw war, was wounded, contacted a deadly disease, got married and divorced and grew up. My wife and I have been married for 36 years and raised a boy and a girl. We now have two grand children, two boys.
My wife and I are certified scuba divers and when we are on vacation,we love to scuba, snuba,(Diving with long hose and no tanks) and snorkel. Although we really don't have any money to speak of, we pinch our penny's every year,and have been lucky enough to vacation in Cozumel, BonAir Venezuela, Jamaica and Hawaii, doing what we love.
I've worked hard, played hard and loved hard, all my life and now I would like to try writing, something I've always wanted to do, and I figured why not write about something I know, myself.
Right now I have been and will be writing about the erotic side of my life, but in the future will be entering a more serious genre

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