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Cheryl Wright

The Cowboy’s Sweetheart (Callahan Brothers Series Book One)

     A relationship is the last thing on Rory Callahan’s mind when he pays one of his rare visits into River Valley, Montana. By the end of the night, his entire life has changed.
      Missy O’Reilly is a singer with a dark secret that could cost her life. She does her gigs in small town after small town. Always on the run, never staying in one place for long. What will she do when she meets her soul mate, Rory? Dare she stay in River Valley? 



The Veterinarian’s Sweetheart (Callahan Brothers Series Book Two)

     A dark secret has Grace Black leaving a successful bull riding career to visit her best friend at River Valley, Montana.
      Jordon Callahan is a veterinarian who lives for his work. After being dumped on his wedding day, he vows never to let a woman get close enough to hurt him again. 
     Can they overcome Grace’s secret and his sense of betrayal to find happiness together?



Bessie – Soiled Doves Series

     After her parents are killed, eighteen-year-old Bessie is sold by her ruthless uncle to a saloon owner.  
     Tricked into believing she is there to sing, she is horrified to learn it is not her voice she is selling, but her body. As a soiled dove she is so desperate to escape, she risks fleeing with Thomas, one of her clients. 
     Is he as kind as he seems? Does he love her like he says, or has she jumped from one dire situation into another? 



Deadly Debt
~ Sweet Romantic Suspense Novella ~ 
Felicity Brown is being watched. Every second of every day. But she doesn’t have a clue. 
     Doesn’t know her stalker is watching her every move. He’s listening to every word. He is obsessed to the point of breaking into her apartment – even when she’s there. 


Torn Between Two Loves

~ Contemporary Romance Novella - one mild love scene included ~

     Devastated by the death of her fiancée in a horrific accident, Marissa Temple needs time alone.
     House sitting for her friend in a quaint little town is the answer to her prayers for solitude.
     She vows never to fall in love again, but her handsome, persistent neighbour, Travis Johnson, has other ideas.
     As the weeks pass, Marissa becomes torn between two loves; the one in the here and now, and the one in the hereafter. 
Previously published as A Winter Sabbatical



Don’t Tell, Don’t Die

~ Romantic Suspense Novella - one mild love scene included ~

     Mild-mannered kindergarten teacher Kareena Ellis witnesses a murder. Stalked by the murderer who is intent on killing her, Kareena must flee.
     Personal trainer Mason Bradshaw is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
     Can Mason protect the timid young woman who has stumbled into his protection?


Saving Emma

~ Romantic Suspense Novel - one mild love scene included ~
Emma Larkin and her four-year-old daughter Sally, are running for their lives. Since her husband’s murder, nowhere is safe. Moving from town to town has proved fruitless. Someone is out there, watching their every move. 
Can Emma find what the killers are looking for before she and young Sally become their next victims?


I am a multi award-winning Australian author who has been published by traditional publishers since 2003.

I love to write contemporary and historical western romance, either with or without suspense elements.

I also love writing women in jeopardy stories, and this often involves murders or stalking, or both. My female characters are always strong and feisty, and sometimes they save the men!

I’ve taught writing for many years, and have written several non-fiction books about writing. I’ve worked as an editor for publishers, coached writers one-on-one, and have appeared at writer's conferences in Australia and New Zealand.

I have been married to my own real-life hero for almost 43 years. We have two grown children and six grandchildren.

Our household would not be complete without our wonderful pets, which includes two elderly cats and our beautiful dog Bindy, who loves long, leisurely walks. We are also fostering a puppy, who will ultimately go to an Autism school.

My hobbies are tenpin bowling and paper crafts, and surprisingly, going to the gym.

I hope you enjoy reading my books.

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