Thursday, November 27, 2014

Book Spotlight ~ Dancing Back to You (London Loves Series, Book Three) by Julie Farrell

Warning: Contains gay sex, straight sex, and a foursome fantasy!

Sam adores her gorgeous boyfriend Verlaine; he’s a tough guy with a big heart. Their steamy sex-life sizzles in the bedroom, and outside the bedroom Verlaine is caring and courageous. He risked his life a year ago trying to save Sam’s ex from a house fire, but unfortunately he’s now paying the price with PTSD flashbacks and an edgy anxiousness.

Verlaine wants nothing more than to make dance-loving Sam happy, but his anxiety and two left feet make that difficult. When he succumbs to a split-second of poor judgment and ruins their night at a friend's wedding, Sam tries to understand, but they both know his self-doubting jealous streak could be as much to blame as his PTSD.

Can Verlaine dance his way back into Sam's life (and bed) and learn to cool his temper, before she gives up on him forever?

Contains steamy scenes a-plenty! The supporting cast includes a hot gay couple, a powerful woman with a lustful eye on Sam, and a sexy male stripper, who’s willing to teach Verlaine how to dance and how to romance his girl again.


Sam hurriedly undid Verlaine’s shirt, revealing his gorgeous, sculpted body, which was muscular and strong from a lifetime of working with his hands. He unbuttoned Sam’s dress and frantically kissed her neck, making his way down to suck her nipples, turning her on so much that she ground her hips at nothing. He panted like an untamed animal, looking sexy with his shirt falling off his shoulders and his flies unzipped. 

Sam fished out his hard cock, and moved her hand in a slow, sensual rhythm across the shaft. Verlaine groaned with pleasure.

“Let me pleasure you, my love.”

His body juddered with approval. “I’d like that.”

Sam lowered her face down to his erection, and, with the tip of her tongue, she circled the head of his cock, relishing the taste and feel of her man in her mouth. She licked the head, knowing it was driving him crazy to watch her teasing him like this.

“I love how you taste,” she said.

“And I love the taste of your pussy,” he said, turning himself on with his words.

Sam gave the head a sensual suck and threw him a seductive look.

Verlaine stared at her, captivated. “You’re so hot, Sam. God, I love you.”

“I love you, too,” she purred.

Sam sat back on her heels and fondled her breasts as if she were in the shower, knowing how much it turned him on. She dropped her head back, and thrust out her chest, emphasising her figure. Then, leaning forward at the hips, she took his cock in her hand, and rubbed the shaft sensually between her tits. Sam was small in the cleavage department, but that was one of the things Verlaine loved about her. She referred to herself as boyish, but he said she was delicate and feminine. It didn’t matter how he described her, though – he loved her sexy body, and that was all she cared about. She lowered her head towards his straining erection, making sure he could see her face, then she gave his cock a long slow lick, before plunging the whole thing into her mouth for some serious sucking.

“Come here,” he said. “I want you to ride me.”

Sam removed her dress and crawled on top of him, straddling his beautiful body between her thighs. Then she draped herself over him, so their faces were at the same level. She kissed him on the lips as his fingers rummaged behind, in her panties. He stimulated her G-spot, almost getting her there, while she rubbed her pelvis against his hand.

“These panties don’t need to come off,” he said. “I can fuck you with them on.”

She gasped. “I agree.”

His fingers explored deep inside her panties, slipping them in and out of her pussy, teasing her with the expectation of utter pleasure. Then, as if he was no longer able to stand it himself, he grabbed both her hips and guided her down to his cock, slipping himself inside her, and pushing her panties out the way. Sam was petitely built, and, even though she was wet from arousal, Verlaine’s cock filled her a little too much to begin with – as always.

She moaned, relishing that fine line between pain and pleasure.

He grinned. “God, I love your tight pussy.”

Sam chuckled and moved herself into a comfortable position. They knew each other so well now, it was easy to get into the perfect rhythm quickly. Verlaine used his strong hands to move her hips slowly at first, relishing the pleasure, drawing it out. Sam ground her pelvis into his, quickening the pace, suddenly frantic to get there. She felt naughty with her panties on, and she relished the softness of the material as it caressed her clit. She was aware of Verlaine watching her with adoring eyes, as she rode him harder and faster. But, as the orgasm climaxed powerfully between her thighs, her eyes snapped shut and her head dropped back. The room swirled. Verlaine slapped her bare flesh gently but firmly, sending her over the edge.

Author bio:
From panic to published!

I write steamy romances that will make your heart pound hard and your thighs surge with desire!

There was a time, not so long ago, when all I wanted was to stop my heart pounding hard and my mind surging with fear. You see, I suffered with panic attacks. The fear debilitated me on a daily basis, and the feelings of weakness undermined my self-esteem. This 'fear of fear' became so immense that there were times when I was scared to even go outside of my home.

At those times, all I wanted to do was write, because my imaginary world of fiction provided a soothing escape from reality. The strong female characters I created allowed me to pretend everything was okay in my world. And the sexy men in my fictive imagination were protective, loving, and strong.

I've never been someone to give up! Even at my lowest, I knew I could and would recover. Thanks to a great support network, a wonderful self-help book (The Panic Attacks Workbook by David Carbonell), and my own patient determination I experienced my last ever panic attack in January 2013. Then, in April 2014, I proved how strong I'd become by backpacking with a friend in the chaos and heat of India - something that had filled me with dread back when my fear was dominating my every waking breath.

But nothing in this life is ever a waste. During the years when I was suffering from panic attacks, I learnt to write well! I honed my craft, and when I came out the other end, I was ready to self-publish, knowing that if I can cope with panic attacks and survive, then I can become a successful indie author too! My books are the products of this amazing journey that I've been on, and now I can't wait to find out what other delights await me, just around the corner!

Never give up on your dreams, and don't let the setbacks of today ruin your tomorrow! You can do it - just like I did!
Author info:
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @julieanafarrell
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