Friday, August 15, 2014

* NEW RELEASE & DISCOUNT ALERT * Book Spotlight ~ Goldie and Her Bears

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Goldie thought it was a great plan, go with her bosses and their significant others out to the woods for a camping trip weekend. She’d get to know them all a little better, share some laughs, and maybe like them a little more. But when the significant others mysteriously don’t show up things get downright scary and she doesn’t stick around to find out just what her now ex-bosses have planned.
Co-owners of their own construction company Arkadios, Torben and Mahon are also best friends. Sharing a woman wasn’t new to them, but when their mate comes crashing into their lives things get pretty interesting.

A house in the middle of nowhere, doors unlocked and nobody home, should have had her running. But it was warm, dry and had a bed just screaming her name. Upon opening her eyes to find a man leaning over her, Goldie quickly comes to realize that her life, her very destiny, was about to change.

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Goldie looked at the large box of condoms and smiled. “I don’t think we will use that many tonight, but I’m glad you think we might be able to.” She teased and held her hand out to him. “Come here,” she murmured happily. “I need you.”
Chuckling, he tore into the package in hand and rolled it onto his cock. “Darling, I’m pretty sure we can make it through that box. We won’t be alone for long, after all, and we have pretty damn good stamina, too.” Climbing onto the bed, he crawled toward her, slow like he was stalking her.
“Yay for good stamina,” she said with a smile and parted her legs, her fingers rubbing up and down the insides of her thighs, her eyes never leaving his as she watched him stalking her. “I really think you need to come and put that condom to use, especially that beautiful cock inside of it.”
Kneeling between her legs he reached for her and pulled her up into his lap. Spreading her legs, he lifted her up and pressed his cock against her pussy. “I plan on putting my cock to great use tonight. You’re in for a workout, that’s for sure.”
“Good.” Her hands braced on his shoulder, she bit her lower lip and rubbed against him. “Because I seriously want you putting your cock to great use. A work out is just what I need,” she teased and rubbed against him. “But please stop teasing,” she groaned.
“I’m not teasing, you’re teasing.” He chuckled. Letting her take him in, he moved his hands to her back. “Slow, darling, you’re so damned tight I don’t want to hurt you.” Running his fingers up and down her spine, he nipped at her chin lightly.
She closed her eyes and pulled in closer to him, her breasts rubbing against his chest as she shivered. “You are just a little too big,” she shot right back at him, her pussy gripping his cock so tightly she could barely breathe without feeling him breathing with her, and loved it.
Chuckling, he breathed out against her cheek. “Haven’t you heard? Bigger is better,” he teased, sliding his tongue over her skin. “You can handle me, you can handle us all I’m more than sure,” he whispered, sliding a hand down to her ass. Rubbing a finger over her anus, he circled the tight ring all the while nibbling at her jaw.
“Oh I’m sure,” Goldie moaned and rubbed faster against his body. “I’ve only had anal a couple of times but didn’t like it. I think it was because they didn’t know what they were doing.” She pulled back and smiled. “You do though, don’t you?” She stilled on him so she could ask her question. “God, you feel so very good inside of me.”
“Most definitely,” he said and smiled. “Yes, I know what I’m doing with anal. Too many rush for their own pleasure. It takes more to stimulate the woman with anal but, if done right, can be just as powerful of an orgasm as vaginal sex.
“God that sounds delicious,” she moaned. “You make me want to do it again. Especially to feel you inside of me like that.” She shuddered again. “God yes. More. Harder, it feels so fucking good.” She said simply, “So good.”
Chuckling softly, he nibbled on her throat as he rocked into her pussy slowly. Pressing a finger into her ass slowly as he slid his tongue over her skin. “You can have me, us, any way you want us, Goldie. All you ever have to do is say the word.”

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