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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Fix Me (Club Evolve Book 1) @jhalisteele #LGBT #GayRomance

Fix Me
(Club Evolve Book 1)

One night more was one too many.

Zedidiah Mandrake lived for one-night stands. Screw them and leave them is his motto and it worked until he took Kerr Carmichael home. Handsome as hell and vulnerable, Kerr wore his heart on his sleeve. Zed knew in a matter of time, he’d hurt him and he made it very clear he was not relationship material. Kerr played it cool; however, Zed went after him with vengeance each time he yearned to touch him, have Kerr in a way Zed wanted no one else to enjoy. Those times grew closer and closer together. Still, Zed warned Kerr—you can’t fix me.

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**A Male/Male Romance**

Condensation slid down the lager bottle in tiny rivulets forming a puddle. The stranger remained oblivious to scrutiny from a neighboring table as he ran his fingertip through the ring of water surrounding his beer. Zedidiah Mandrake had kept his eyes trained in the man’s direction pretty much all evening. Patrons came and went, some so hot, Zed even considered them. Those stopping to speak were quickly sent on their way. Otherwise, the man barely looked up from the table he sat at.
What caused someone to look that subdued? Had he lost his job, perhaps a lover? In either case, Zed decided hours ago to find out who he was, see if he could put a smile back on his handsome face. A good fuck tended to brighten the darkest day and, after all, he sat alone in a gay club known for quick hookups in secluded rooms rented hourly, sometimes a one-night stand in a local hotel.
Zedidiah had participated in both types of activity for years. Club Evolve catered to a variety of tastes, and he liked that. Zed had come in tonight for no other reason than to find someone with whom he could while away a few hours.
The man sat dead center of Zed’s radar.
Mostly because he didn’t appear to be looking for anything. Zed and quite a few others he knew intimately came here for one thing, the very thing the stranger didn’t seem interested in or he’d have tagged someone to slip off with by now. It mildly surprised Zed that not every man in the world was the whore he was.
Long legs stretched beneath the table, and a nice sport jacket that his wavy, blond hair touched covered narrow shoulders. There was no tie laced through his blue dress shirt collar and a few buttons undone revealed a smattering of darker hair on his chest. Zed hated bedding men who practiced removing their hair, though he did like them a little softer looking, even pretty.
Didn’t matter too much—one night is all Zed wanted.
Standing, he strode to the bar.
“Jim, how’s it going?”
“Full house, Zed.”
“Very good.” He decided against asking Jim if he knew the man because he really didn’t give a shit. Zed ordered bourbon, and the brand beer his quarry favored. “Let me or Sanders know if you need anything.” Sanders Cain, an employee and Zed’s best friend, took on added duties managing Evolve after Zed bought it on a whim. He walked to where the guy sat, placed the bottle in front of him, and pulled out a chair. “Name’s Zedidiah. Want some company?”
He looked up and green eyes the color of emeralds stared at Zed. “Why not.” He motioned for Zed to sit. “I’m Kerr.” Okay, he didn’t send him away; maybe there was promise here after all.
“You lose your best friend?”
Kerr hunched his shoulders. “A month ago.” He sighed. “Trouble with a big account today, but it’s nothing I can’t handle.”
“Was it that important to you?” Zed swallowed his drink in one gulp and set the glass down. “The friend I mean.” Damn, up close, the bastard was beautiful. Full, pouty lips and he had a two-inch scar down the left side of his face.
He had noticed Zed look at it. “Something to remember him by.”
Would he have been as striking without the scar? “Who cheated?”
“Why would you assume that?” Kerr lifted the beer bottle and took a long pull of the golden liquid. Zed’s dick came to life imagining how well the man probably sucked cock.
“No better reason for someone to attempt scratching your eyes out.” Zed ran a finger around his glass rim. “Was he worth it?”
“The strange, the lay, the new dick.” Zed’s view of the world was put back to rights—most men, regardless of sexual orientation, were whores. However, for some damn reason, it disappointed Zed the one in front of him wasn’t different. What did I expect?

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