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BOOK TOUR: Alisa Anderson Interview #FamilyAboveEverything #Mafia #Romance


What is the most challenging part of being a writer?
Procrastination and focus. Two words that almost every writer I know has a hard time with. The next thing would be writing a good love scene that (a) not completely corny and stupid and (b) that it’s not repetitious and done before. Love scenes are really, really, REALLY hard.

What advice would you give to writers just starting out?
This might sound harsh, but I would ask that person what is that you are looking to achieve in self-publishing? I would give them the pros and the cons, and trust me there are a lot of cons. The truth is statistically the odds are stacked against us. I read somewhere that the average book will sale somewhere around 57 copies in its entire lifetime. That’s reality.

Russell Blake recently stated in an awesome blog, it’s a myth that books sell themselves. Visibility sales books. It is highly competitive. It means constant promo and most authors hate promo. And, writing the next book is great, but you have to market THAT and the LAST one you wrote. You just do. I 100% agree with this. If you are not willing to do any of that, and you just want to write because you have to write, wonderful! You’ll succeed. But for the rest of us, it’s a long road. Just remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I believe if you work hard, you can succeed. Just know what your definition of success is.

I know a lot of that sounds depressing. All of that being said, let me end on a positive note. There has never been a better or more exciting time to be a writer. We have so much freedom, control and power over our own destiny…it’s just absolutely fantastic to see.

Do you ever suffer from writer's block? If so, what do you do about it?
Well, I would love to say that I have this intelligent, literary response to writers block, but truthfully I don’t. I really have not found a way to deal with it. Which, explains why it takes me so long to release books. I guess the best advice I can give, but not the most professional, is that I walk away and come back when the muse hits me. I am actually working on treating my writing like the job that it is and not a hobby. Which means finding time to write EVERYDAY even when you don’t want too. It is currently a work in progress, but then again aren’t we all?

What comes first: the plot or the characters?
I have a general plot summary that at times will see many revisions. My characters often talk to me however, and in the end, they are the ones who dictate where the story goes. I have tried to go around them and trust me. It doesn't work. Since I want to sleep at night, it's just easier to do what they say. *grins*

Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I am definitely a pantser. I need a lot of freedom in how I write. I might know the end before the beginning. I might have a few lines into the next book and not know how I’m getting there. A song may pop up on the TV and it may help me plot out a scene in the book that was never there until that point. That is how my mind works.

Are you working on something at present that you would like to tell us about?
Naturally working on the conclusion of Fallen Angel: A Mafia Romance and my Give and Receive Series. Cameron and I are also working on the next book in the Roman Crime Family Series. It’s a Mafia BDSM book tentatively called, Marked. The book features Nick Roman’s younger brother, Gabriele. I’m also working on the next book in my M/M Sinners & Saint’s Series.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
For the longest time I wanted to be an attorney and still will debate and/or argue a point into the ground. What can I say? I'm an Aries. Everything is war and strategy to be analyzed, argued and eventually won. *grins*

What is your favorite food? Least favorite? Why?
My favorite food has to be organic, sweet strawberries. Sooooo yummy! Least favorite is lettuce and watermelon tied. Don't judge me. Something about the icky, gross, watery smells of both of them makes me terribly nauseous. UGH. And yes, they both really do have a smell. *gags slightly*

What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to learn about you?
I am huge sci fi geek, Ilove cartoons (fairly odd parents being one of my all-time favs), and I love all things super heroes. I am one big nerd girl.

Is there a writer you idolize? If so, who?
I adore Susan Johnson. Everything she writes is decadent, erotic and delicious.

Fallen Angel: A Mafia Romance
 (Roman Crime Family)
Alisa Anderson & Cameron Skye

"Fallen Angel is a dark, tasty appetizer with echoes of "The Sopranos." It's like picking up a Lindt truffle on your way out of the store. There's just enough to wake up your taste buds, or in this case, other parts due South." - Margo's Red Light District
"Gritty,sexy and with a strong but vulnerable female lead. Fallen Angel is a surprisingly good read." - Ingrid Hall
"Is Jess going to get sucked into a world with Nick that will destroy her or will she bring Nick to the other side and they find happy ever after? I will be grabbing the next book soon. I need to know more about this story and what the future holds." - TBird, Crystals Many Reviews
"Fallen Angel is a quick and sexy read. I hope to get the chance to read the next installment. I want to know more about Nick and the dangerous games he's playing. - Angela, Crystals Many Reviews."
Based on events from author, Cameron Skye’s life. Where does fiction meet reality? You decide.
Fallen Angel is a mafia romance serial novel released every 4 to 6 weeks, at approximately 8000 to 11000 words each. Due to sexual content, implied and actual scenes of abuse, violence, organized crime, language and frequent illegal drug use, we recommend this to mature audiences, ages 18 and over, who are comfortable with this subject matter. 


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Authors Bios: 

Alisa Anderson
well...alisa did stuff and is still doing stuff. only now she has two boys crazy enuff to want her as their mommy. hey, at least she tried to warn them, so her job is done. she doesn’t like to capitalize, partially because she likes how lower case letters look visually, but mostly out of laziness. please don't judge. it could be you. and she would say, hey. you're alright, buddy. you're ok in my book. now c'mere for a hug. the hug might be pushing it. air kiss? you are strangers, after all, with only a mutual love of poor grammar.
​she lives for a world full of controllable anatomically correct, android men programmed to meet her specific feminine needs (wink, wink, nudge, nudge with a big waggle of the eyebrows). who look like the rock. and ian somerhalder. and idris elba. and that's it she promises. variety. gotta have variety, right?
​but alas...apparently that exists only in johanna lindsey's genius mind. so until then, she enjoys her incredibly warped sense of humor. she reads tons of erotica and romantic, drippy goo that makes her heart go pitter patter. then she thought, hey. what, she said to herself. (softly, of course, so no one finds out she is indeed, 2 nuts short of a fruitcake) maybe you should write this stuff too. maybe someone will like it and maybe buy it. so she said, huh, you think? then she said, well...yeah, i wouldn't have suggested it...(inserts sarcastic tone) and then she was like lose the attitude, ok? then she was all, would you just shut up and write, already? sheesh! and she did. :)

Cameron Skye
When Cameron is not in the lab working toward a Ph.D., in Neuropsychopharmacology, which in laymen's terms is basically finding the effects drugs have on mood and behavior, she is writing stories, crating vivid, intense characters you will never forget.
She believes while life can take you down every path but the right one, eventually everyone will find their happily ever after.




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