Monday, November 3, 2014

Book Spotlight ~ Firstborn-Hellacious 3 by J.Hali Steele

Firstborn (Hellacious 3) by J. Hali SteeleWicked Sathariel, the eldest son of Satan, has finally met his match, and at the oddest of times, she turns up in his head. Accustomed to having his father and siblings rummage through his mind, he can't handle his woman seeing his hellacious thoughts. And when it becomes clear she's heaven bound -- all hell breaks loose!

Lori Thornton's psychic ability is new, and never one to control her temper or her mouth, she often finds herself in bizarre predicaments. One such event is meeting Satan's firstborn and calling him a pretty boy. When his eyes fill with hellfire and he releases horns, talons, and the long, leathery, forked tail that swings treacherously toward her, Lori knows her life is about to spin deliciously out of control.


Lightning slicing angrily through the bough of a tree that stood silent and graceful for hundreds of years, or water carving away deep, parched earth to form a new river; these are what Wicked Sathariel's thoughts felt like as they tumbled headlong into Lori Thornton's mind.
Tonight, you will be mine.
She'd called her best friend, Marcia, who had called Waverly, and now they all sat in the club Lori frequented until she first met Wicked Sathariel. That night seeped into her thoughts.
Yeah, baby, remember it. Remember me.
She had entered the club with a few other nurses after a hard day of rapid responses and code blues. Admissions arrived as quickly as discharges rolled out. She'd barely ordered her drink that night when he approached. Lori remembered thinking he was a pretty boy. Suave, debonair, and all fluff.
Not Wicked.
She'd since learned he was anything but. Satan's firstborn was hard, cold, and a deadly motherfucker if she'd ever met one. Lori, never one to bite her tongue, had told him, "Fuck off, pretty boy." Yet the words had never breached her lips. She'd said them in her mind as her body quaked with need the closer he got.
Over six feet of hot and sexy walked up to her, and in her mind, he'd whispered, "Magnificent." The man had the makings of an eight-pack strapped across his abdomen, topped by strong, broad shoulders. Designer slacks, probably made especially for him, rode low on narrow hips, and the soft material caressed muscular thighs with each step in her direction. Damn, he was spectacular looking! Dark hair curled at his neck, and the bluest eyes she had ever seen ate her alive.
Why pick her?
Lori was a big, full-figured girl. She didn't have the type of body that attracted pretty boys.
You're just the type I want, and when I crawl between those thick thighs, you'll come again, and again, and...
"Stop!" She pressed her temples.
"Hey, girl, you okay?" Marcia peered at her strangely.
"He's rattling around in my brain, and God knows, I've tried to stop him." Her head shook from side to side. "I can't."
Waverly watched her closely. "Lori, we've gone over this. If your connection is this strong, there is a reason."
"What? What's the reason, Wave?" Marcia had introduced her to Waverly, some heavenly embodiment who brought light into Sly's life. According to the women, they saved both sons from the clutches of evil, and now neither brother had to bring death to a human. Wicked wasn't so lucky according to Marci and Wave. "You both constantly remind me he belongs to the devil." Shit, they dealt with it, so could she. "Damn, it's hot in here." Loosening two buttons on her top did nothing to help.
Are your nipples hard for me, honey?
"Yes... no... please leave me alone!"
"Whoa, Lori, what the hell?" Marci patted her shoulder. "Girl, I told you, give in to it. You're not getting away."
"I'm afraid."
"You shouldn't be. Look at us. We're safe." Waverly smiled.
"They're not as bad as you think." She winked at Marcia. "There are some really awesome benefits." The two of them laughed. "Anyway, he can't harm you, Lori. It's not allowed."
A sigh puffed through her lips as she put her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her palm. "I'm not as afraid of him as..."
Both women cut her off. "Then what's the problem?"
"I'm more afraid of me."
"Uhh, can you explain that?" Marcia's head tilted.
"I -- you see, well... Damn it." She was at a loss for words. Kinky jumped in her mind right beside menage and all the crazy things she wanted to try with him. Who better than Satan's son, right? After all, he couldn't call her...
Oh, you are nasty, and I like it.

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