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Book Spotlight with Excerpt ~ Sweet Serendipity by Kelsie Belle

Running from a past that threatens to haunt her for the rest of her life, Rayne Carrington finds herself in Eden’s Ridge by chance. She promptly makes the tiny, serene town her home and finally finds some semblance of peace. Six months later, she encounters a dangerously alluring stranger, who turns her world upside down with his mere presence. Soon she is caught in a web of temptation that is too overpowering to deny. But how does she handle a man who is hell bent on resisting her at all cost?

Christian Stockwell returned to his hometown of Eden’s Ridge, to find a beautiful stranger living under his roof. He is instantly bewitched by her loveliness but he knows that he cannot allow himself to have her. He struggles to rein in the lust he feels for her but how long will he be able to resist such sweetness? It won’t be long before he must surrender to sweet serendipity.

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Adult Excerpt
“Do you want to know how many women I’ve been with, Rayne?” he asked her, caressing her cheek with the back of his hand. She whimpered and looked up at him with wary eyes, shaking her head slowly.
“Good…’cause I really couldn’t tell you. And that’s because I have no fucking clue, sweetheart. It would’ve been impossible for me to keep track of them all.” Christian’s words were deliberately harsh and he was grimly satisfied when he noted her discomfited wince in response.
He continued, determined to press home his point. “At the risk of sounding like a total asshole, I’m letting you know that I’ve been with so many women, I can’t possibly remember all their names or their faces. Women of all ages and races. Women from all walks of life.” He watched the play of emotions tarnishing her features as he spoke, satisfied that he was getting under her skin when she twisted uncomfortably in her seat.
“But I don’t do virgins, Rayne…or almost-virgins for that matter. Sweet and innocent is a playground way outside my field of experience, do you understand me?”
He knew the exact moment her hackles rose, felt her stiffen suddenly and her eyes became icy hard. “What makes you think I’m so sweet and innocent, huh, Christian? Just because I haven’t been banging every guy that crosses my path…”
 “But I don’t do virgins, Rayne…or almost-virgins for that matter. Sweet and innocent is a playground way outside my field of experience, do you understand me?”
He knew the exact moment her hackles rose, felt her stiffen suddenly and her eyes became icy hard. “What makes you think I’m so sweet and innocent, huh, Christian? Just because I haven’t been banging every guy that crosses my path…”
Christian pressed a finger to her lips to silence her flow of venom. “Shhh. Just listen to me. I’m giving you an out here…take it. I’ve told you before to stay away from me—that was for your own good. If you take my advice, we can just go on about our business from here, pretending this morning never happened.”
Rayne’s chin jutted up in defiance and she rose from her seat so that her luscious body pressed up against his hard muscled frame, causing his cock to jump with delight. “What if that’s not what I want?” she whispered, licking her lips. “What if I want you to show me what it’s like to not be so sweet and innocent?”
Christian squeezed his eyes shut to block out the tantalizing image of her soft pink tongue wetting those full, perfect lips and groaned. “Don’t. Tempt. Me,” he told her through gritted teeth. “’Cause right now I’m about a heartbeat away from spreading you across this goddamn countertop and fucking you till you can’t see straight!”
Rayne whimpered softly and her eyes turned to liquid fire. In one swift motion she stretched up and pressed her lips to his in a hot openmouthed kiss. Startled, Christian was powerless to resist her. His lips parted involuntarily and his tongue thrust out to engage in a primitive dance with hers. Her delicate hands slid around his waist, pulling his hips closer so that his pulsing, needy cock lodged fully against the jutting mound of her cleft.
Her dress rode up around her hips as they kissed ardently, and the heat from her thinly covered sex almost brought him to his knees. Dragging his lips from hers, he pushed the dress up further so it bunched around her waist before grabbing her small waist and lifting her up unto the countertop. “Innocent my ass, you’re a fucking minx!” He growled almost angrily, planting hot kisses just below her breasts and on her taut stomach. His lips traveled even further down to where he could smell her potent desire for him.
Her fingers jammed in his hair and she gripped his head firmly, writhing with pleasure under his touch. “Oh hell, Christian…God, I need you!”
Her words fueled the fire coursing through his loins and he grabbed both her legs, pushing them up until her knees were fully bent and her feet rested on the counter beside her. Her soaked crotch was now deliciously spread out before him.
“Fuck, you smell fantastic…goddammit! I bet you taste like sin.” He growled, then ripped the seat of her panties aside so he could clasp his mouth over her hot, wet cunt.
“Ahhh…mmm…Oh God!” Rayne’s hands released his head to grip the edge of the counter, balancing herself as Christian devoured her pussy like a hungry beast.
He ran his tongue through the slick folds of her cunt, licking up her leaking juices. He slid his tongue along the slit repeatedly, back and forth, back and forth until she cried out, hips bucking up to meet his mouth. His tongue darted inside her opening, undulating briskly before he turned his attention to her jutting clit. His mouth closed over the nub, sucking hard and Rayne’s hands immediately came up to clutch his shoulders, fingers sinking into his flesh as she ground her hips into his mouth.
“Oh God…Oh God…Oh my God! Yes!” she panted.
She leaned back and spread her hands flat on the counter behind her, opening herself even more to his greedy mouth. Christian reached between her legs to sink two fingers into her sopping cunt and began to lick her clit in swift, steady strokes of his tongue while his expert fingers worked her over.
As the first convulsive clench of her tight pussy walls gripped his fingers, the doorbell rang. He froze for a fraction of a second, before continuing to lick at her clit, pumping his fingers in and out of her hole. By the time the bell rang a second time, Rayne’s hips were bucking uncontrollably, her pussy clenching in vicious spasms as she came with the force of a fucking freight train on his face.

About Kelsie Belle

Kelsie Belle wears many hats – wife, mother and teacher are just a few. But the erotic romance writer hat is by far her favorite. She has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember, her characters live inside her overactive mind and a thousand stories come to life in her head every day. She’s been writing down her sweet romances ever since she was a teenager but in her early twenties, Ms. Belle became interested in erotic romance novels and her own stories took a turn for the sensual since then.

Kelsie is wildly gregarious by nature. She considers herself ‘forever 21’ and enjoys reading contemporary romance, Science fiction and fantasy, listening to music and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. A caffeine addict that lives life from one coffee mug to the next, she’s always on the go, ready and waiting for the next adventure.

Contact Kelsie here:
Twitter: @mskelsiebelle

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