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Book Spotlight ~ Demons Within (For the Love of Authority Bk 1)

Allen Heras just landed his dream job, and he’s determined to make the most of this chance for a new life. Only there’s a problem: he can’t seem to stop lusting after his bosses. After suppressing his bisexuality his whole life, he can’t afford to let his hormones ruin his chances for success. Now, if he could just get his big head to convince the little one of that, he’d be just fine.

Sidri McKenna and Tatum McAlister have always known there was something missing between them: another man, one who could bear the love of two Doms. And they’ve chosen Allen to be that man. They’d always known it would be an uphill battle, convincing Allen that three people could make it in a long-term triad. But when the demons from Allen’s horrible past threaten their relationship, they realize that the real battle isn’t convincing Allen to love them---it’s convincing him he’s worth loving in the first place.

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Eyes riveted on the tall, trim, fucking gorgeous man framed by the giant TV screen, Allen thought, No, no, no, no, this cannot be happening.
Thirteen years. It had been thirteen years since he realized he could be just as attracted to men as he was to women. And the day he finally understood the truth about his aberration was the same day he ran away from home.
Accepting the truth about his depravity was one thing. Acting on it was something altogether different. He’d managed to stuff his unnatural desires somewhere deep inside, so deep, in fact, that in thirteen years he’d never once slipped up, never once even come close to exposing himself.
Until today.
Time stopped. Jesus, the photos on Sidri’s desk did not do this man justice. Tatum was all blond hair and heavy muscles, narrow hips and massive shoulders. With those ruggedly handsome features and that carefree smile, he must have women throwing themselves—or their panties—at him every day. He was very much a man’s man, with a clear Alpha set to his square-cut jaw. And that body…
Despite being short, Allen was no lightweight. He worked out every day, and his body was gratifyingly endowed with thick, heavy muscles that allowed him to pack one-hundred-eighty pounds on his five foot nine frame. His shoulders were broad, his waist narrow, and his arms nicely defined, so that, even while standing next to men who were taller than him, he didn’t feel small in comparison.
Tatum, on the other hand, dwarfed him. At six foot seven, he had a good forty pounds over Allen, and not one iota of that weight was fat. Sidri had shown him a photo of her and Tatum at the beach, so he’d had one slightly out-of-focus chance to see that Tatum was ripped, with a full eight p ack, heavy pecs, and biceps the size of tree trunks. He hadn’t realized until this very moment that he’d filed that picture away in his mind, ready to pop into his brain the moment he saw Tatum for the first time in real life.
The man didn’t disappoint.
Frozen, choked by horrifying, appallingly inappropriate waves of lust for another man, Allen could do nothing but stare.
“Holy Christ Mary Mother of God, you really are gorgeous.”
Allen flinched. Jesus Christ, had he really said that out loud? Had he no control over his mouth anymore? How could he say something so mortifying?
But then he heard Sidri’s exasperated, “Tatum!” and realized it hadn’t been him—Tatum had been the one to say what Allen was thinking out loud.
To Allen’s surprise, Tatum actually blushed, his ears turning bright red. He grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, sorry. I didn’t mean to say that out loud. It’s just, you know, I’d had several people tell me you were a good-looking guy, but to find out they weren’t exaggerating…” He shrugged, clearing his throat uncomfortably.
Okay, now it was Allen’s turn to blush. He had no idea what to do with this conversation, no idea how he was supposed to react. Obviously, Tatum was not saying that he himself was attracted to Allen—such an occurrence was about as likely as astronauts discovering recipes for German sausage on Mars. That he was embarrassed by his outburst meant he was afraid Allen would misunderstand his intent.
Did Tatum think Allen was gay? Christ God Almighty, please let this not be happening…

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