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Book Spotlight ~ Circles Divided: Book 2 Circles Trilogy

Circles Divided– Book 2 - Circles Trilogy 
Is the love of a girl from wealthy Westland and a street punk from the slums of the Shore strong enough to surpass all that life will throw at them and forge a life together? Is Julie willing to sacrifice her childhood dream of becoming a professional dancer for the man she loves? Is Robert willing to lay down his ties to the gang in order to hold onto his new found love?

Sacrifices must be made, but will they be enough?

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Excerpt – G

Mrs. Wolmsley finished the attendance as Robert entered and placed an admit slip on her desk. She proceeded with a class discussion of the novel they were studying. "Mr. Holiday." Her brow wrinkled. "Are you sleeping or paying attention?"
Robert didn't open his eyes. "Payin' attention, ma'am. Just tryin' to get rid of a headache."
"Do you find my class painful?"
"No, ma'am. The three-hour calculus quiz I just wrote was rough. None of it made any sense, but now I'm sittin' here listenin' to you and tryin' to make my headache go away."
"Did you read the book?"
Robert opened one eye and glanced at Julie.
She nodded.
"Yea. Gawd, it was borin'." Shit. Shouldn't have said that.
"You found Young Men/Lost Nights/No Dreams boring?"
"Yea. The guy don't know what he's talkin' 'bout. I'd love to live where he lives. Shore ain't half as nice."
"What's so tough about Shore?" A voice floated over from the other side of the room.
Robert forced his eyes open. The harsh glare from the lights irritated the throb in his head. "It's called basic survival. In the book, the school was a nice place to go. It had lockers. North Shore Secondary don't got any. Well it's got lockers, just none got any doors on 'em. The teachers ain't as good as here. Mrs. Wolmsley, you're too nice. You wouldn't survive a day."
"And why not? I've handled enough rowdy students in my day?" She stood a bit taller.
"Rowdy?" He snorted. "Try violent. Let me explain it this way, English was givin' bro a harsh go so I whipped my switch past his brains."
The teacher blinked.
Robert chuckled. "Translation, the English teacher was giving a Shoresmen a rough time, so I threw my knife past his head." A small grin crossed Robert's face. "He didn't bother my buddy no more. Ya see, I'm tryin' to be good while I'm here. I'm gettin' treated like shit but I'm tryin'."
"You don't seem to be getting the hint and leaving." Derek yelled across the room.
"Ya have no idea how much I'd like to, but I'm stuck here."
"How is your life different than ours?" asked Jaclyn.
Robert rubbed his face. "How many here know who their father is?"
Everyone raised their hand.
"I don't have a clue and I doubt my hooker mother knows either." He glanced around the room. "Anybody ever had to sleep on the streets 'cause you had no place to go? Anybody spend a cold Saturday night under a street light defending your right to exist?"
He paused, waiting for a comment, but the class remained silent. "I'm not proud of my life, but I am proud that I survived. I know you'se guys got problems, but none of your problems are based on survival."
"Trying to make us feel sorry for you?" Derek sneered.
"No, Jaclyn asked a question and I answered it."
Derek stood, fists were clenched by his thighs. "You're not one of us. You're Shore."
"Flash the news bulletin."
"You invade our territory. You beat me up. You knocked out Chris and sent Stephan to the hospital." Derek flung out his arm and pointed at Julie. "You stole Chris's girl. Picked a fight in the library—"
"Chris's girl!" Julie's eyebrows rose. "I have a name. And he did not steal me from Chris."
Robert peered at his desk trying to stifle a smile.
"Chris got what he deserved." Julie slammed her palms on her desk.
The girl sitting across from Robert asked, "Is it true you killed someone?"

Author Bio – Victoria Adams, author of the Circles Trilogy was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Victoria lives in the country where she takes long walks on her quiet country road and in the summer tends her flower gardens and vegetable patch and in the winter dreams about them, while they are buried under two feet of snow. Her large farm house now holds only her cat, herself, her husband and a ghost.
Victoria Adams is the alternate pen name to another author – secret identity. She is indie published. Published works - Circles Trilogy - a NA and contemporary romance and A Guy and A Girl – NA contemporary romance.

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