Thursday, July 17, 2014

Book Spotlight ~ Greek Affair by Lacey Roberts

Adrastos ‘Addie’ Papadakos is a Criminal. He arranges gun and drug deals with Russia and Niger. He is the product of a rape and to provide for her son, his mother is forced to become a whore. He grew up in a brothel where he learns about sex at the tender age of thirteen. He hates women.
Mario Anastopolous is a successful Banking Executive. He has just come out of a relationship where he hadn’t been satisfied.
When Addie ventures into a Gay Men’s Club in Athens, he meets Mario. Both had been on the lookout for a lover. Their attraction is instant.
Addie is domineering, in charge. Mario is meek, submissive. 
When Mario accepts the invitation to go home with Addie, he doesn’t realize just how good his life is about to become. Following a night of spanking, sex, pain and pleasure, Addie makes Mario an offer that is too good to refuse. Mario gives up everything to be with this man who can provide him with the sexual variety he craves.
For the first time in his life, Addie has genuine feelings for someone else. 

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The night was still warm as they strolled past the Metro Station at Viktoria Square before turning onto Feron Street. Addie unlocked the door of a brown, stone building and led Mario into the foyer.
Mario’s eyes took note of his surroundings. The foyer was decorated in exquisite grey and white marble. Huge, black porcelain urns stood on either side of the winding marble staircase which disappeared upwards. Golden hooks were fixed to the wall on the right for visitors’ coats and a gold rack was positioned for shoes.
Addie released Mario’s hand and removed his coat. He then hung it on one of the gold hooks before removing his shoes and placing them into the stand. He waited as Mario followed suit. He again took his hand, giving his fingers a gentle squeeze, and they padded upstairs.
The townhouse was magnificent. Opulent, grand, beautifully decorated. “Did you decorate yourself?” Mario asked as Addie led him into the most beautiful bedroom he’d ever seen.
“Yes. The place had to be gutted and almost rebuilt after I bought it but I’m happy with the result. I’ve been here almost three years.”
“It’s a credit to you.” Mario scanned the room. In the center was a four poster, king sized bed. It was covered in black satin which contrasted against the red walls. A large Blackwood chest stood against one wall, rings were secured in the walls and the ceiling. He could glimpse a red and black marble bathroom through a partially opened door.
Addie followed Mario’s gaze as he observed his surroundings. “Would you like to see the bathroom,” he asked as he pulled the polo shirt over his head revealing his chest.
Mario swallowed hard. Addie had abs that resembled a washboard. God he was gorgeous and Mario wanted him. His cock hardened as Addie stepped towards him. He lowered his head and locked him into a sensuous kiss. Mario’s knees weakened. He couldn’t believe this Greek Adonis could be interested in him.  When he drew back, Mario could barely speak. “Later,” he answered to the earlier question about seeing the bathroom.
“Come and sit on the bed.” Addie invited.
The men sat side by side.
“I need to know what you expect from me.”
“I want you to be in charge,” Mario began.
“Do you like pain?”
“Yes, as long as it evokes pleasure.”
“Have you been restrained before?”
“On one or two occasions.”
“Spanking, whipping?”
“No, but would like that I think.”
“Nipple clamping, cock rings?”
Mario was almost coming in his pants, he was so excited. His dick was like a stick of dynamite with the fuse already lit. He had heard about these practices but had never found a partner willing to try them. “No, but again I would like to try.”


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