Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Spotlight ~ The Beginning (Dirty White Candy Book 1) by Anita Cox

Watch what happens when a recently divorced and sexually repressed thirty-something woman transforms from vapid novice to bombshell maven in The Beginning. Going bravely where she’s never gone before, Candy Kavana is about to take the first steps towards her new life in Book 1 of Anita Cox’s intensely passionate and entertaining series, Dirty White Candy. 

Traded in for a younger, newer model by the only man she’s ever made love to, thirty-something Candy Kavana finds herself craving human interaction of the carnal nature. Shy and sexually repressed, Candy turns to her best friend, Stacy, for advice. And what advice it is! 

Candy nervously dives into sex therapy and what she discovers is more than mind-blowing sex. She discovers a side of herself she never dreamed existed. Now that she’s whet her whistle, she can’t get enough. Just how far is Candy willing to take her sexual exploration? 

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I put a blanket and spare pillow on the couch for Olivia.

“Thank you for everything,” I said.

“Sit down. I’m not ready for bed yet.” She plopped down on the couch.

I really wanted to go to bed, but out of obligation I sat next to her, turning a bit to face her.

“So you’ve never done anything, really?”

“Nope. I gave my husband blow jobs, but that was it. It was missionary position, other than that. I really can’t believe I spilled my guts to you tonight.” It was true. After we’d reached our limit of drinks, I told Olivia everything. “This is so inappropriate. You’re my assistant.”

“Not tonight. Tonight we’re off the clock and I came to your apartment willingly. We’re just two girlfriends who confided over drinks.” She ran her hand along my thigh.

My body instantly reacted. I looked at her hand, then at her.

“So you don’t know whether or not you like women, other than the fact you wanted to touch the girl who was on the table at your friend’s house?” She reached up, running her index and middle fingers over my suit, where my nipples stood erect underneath.

“She looked nice. Soft like silk.” My breath hitched. Should I allow this?

“So, I’m here. I like women, and I find you incredibly sexy. Do you want to try with me? If not, I’ll stop touching you and lay down here on the couch and go to sleep.”

“But I don’t know what I’m doing,” I admitted.

“That’s okay. I can talk you through it. But only if you want. You have to say it though. You have to tell me you want to have sex with me.”

I couldn’t utter the words.

Her fingers circled around my knee before they slowly traveled up my skirt. I held my breath until she reached the area that only I had touched for so long. I let out a gasp as her educated fingers swirled around my clit, teasing and taunting with delicate pressure.

“Say it,” she whispered in my ear. “Ask me to fuck you.”

“Please,” I gasped.

“Please, what?” she asked, breathing heavily into my ear.

“Please make me come.” I admitted what I wanted on a gasp.

She removed her hand from my skirt and demanded I lead her to the bedroom.

I did as she asked.

She stopped me just inside the bedroom door, then reached down, grabbing the sides of her shirt and pulling it up over her head.

I barely had time to breathe before she unclasped her bra, exposing her breasts.

“Touch them,” she said. “You wanted to touch breasts before. Touch them in any way you want. I’m not sensitive.”

I reached both hands out and cupped her breasts. They were soft, but firm, nipples standing erect at my touch.

“Can I lick them?” I asked.

Her smile was sweet, warm even. “You can do anything you want.”

I leaned down, licking the nipple at first, then damn near French kissing them, sucking easily as I retreated. I could have done it for hours, but I was eager to discover what else there was.

She reached behind me, unzipping my skirt and sliding it, along with my panties, to the floor. Immediately, I became shy. She removed her pants, and we stood there admiring each other’s naked bodies.

“Lay on the bed,” she said.

I complied, and she followed, lying next to me.

Her fingers wandered along my thigh to the area around my ribcage. I yearned for more, but was I ready for a sexual encounter with a woman, let alone a woman who was my subordinate? There were laws protecting her. There were none protecting me.

“Now, we have two options here. Either I can please you, then walk you through pleasing me, or, I can teach you first, then blow your mind. It’s up to you.”

“I have no idea what to do, or how to start,” I admitted. I would have hesitated if it weren’t for the fact she was the first one to touch me in ages.

Author bio

Anita has been writing general fiction, under her given name, for nearly a decade. In 2012 she strapped on a new name for a new genre and dove head first into writing erotica.

Anita Cox's erotic debut series Dirty White Candy was picked up by Liquid Silver Books in 2013, but this wasn't her beginning. Under her given name she has written crime fiction (some with paranormal elements,) paranormal romance and suspense novels.

In 2014, she became a Director for the Erotic Author's Guild. Her altruistic nature found its purpose, assisting other erotic authors with issues specific to the genre.

With a busy home life, Anita manages to ferret out enough time for each hat she must wear, though secretly, she wants to shut the world out and just write.

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