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Book Spotlight ~ Tattered Hearts Collection Cole & Abi’s Story

Tattered Hearts Collection Cole & Abi’s Story 
     by Quira Quin
Abigale Martin, Abi, has grown up in an abusive household. When Lucas saved her from her brothers abuse at school when they were both younger, then for years ignored her, she never thought anyone would try to save the stuttering geek from her own living nightmare. When Lucas pops up at a church picnic, she realizes he just might be her saving grace. 

Six years later, Abi finds herself right back where she was as a child, she has turned into her mother. But when Abi realizes she has something worth fighting for, will that be enough to end her nightmare, or will she be forced to do something she will never recover from? 
Colter Hudson, Cole, had it all, a fighting career that was taking him to the title fight, a beautiful woman by his side, family money, and a future of taking over the family business. Due to go live the life he always imagined when he turns twenty-five, his life is forever changed on one fateful night. 
Cole's life has spiraled downward, and he is trying to become the man he once was. He has a strict set of rules he is following, and it seems to be working. He is not interested in anyone or anything that may disrupt his plan. What happens when everything he wanted is standing right in front of him, will he be able to be the man he was before his nightmare of a life changed him into a monster? 
Cole can't stop the feelings he has, but his fear is keeping him away. Abi has to learn she is stronger than she thinks, and she has to fight for herself and her future. Will the past constantly haunt the present, or will the future not be able to be the dream both are looking for? 
Pasts have to be overcome, before the future even stands a chance

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Excerpt (3 heat rating)

Maybe Lucas is right, and you just need a week off to get your head straight, I dont need none of that drama around here. Blink, blink, something down the hall catches his attention, as he looks over my head. Not hard to do, most of the men around here are really tall. He snaps twice in the air and motions for someone to come this way. He makes eye contact with me.

I dont know what got into you, get it fixed. You look like shit. I dont want to have to fire ya. He practically shoves me into the wall with his shoulder as he steps by me. Guess that was my cue, that I should have stepped out of his way, the firing part had nothing to do with my shocked state. At least twice a week he did that. I finally get my mouth closed. My eyes go from that dumb blinking to narrowed slits as I glare at him. He stands proud, his back to me. Arms crossed over his chest as he talks to someone I cant see.

As my thoughts start slowing down enough to understand them, he turns, an evil grin mares his face, he leans my way just a bit. His sleazy arrogance is irritating. He thinks he's all that and a bag of chips. Not the washed up wannabe mobster he actually looks like. Early forties, bald on top, trimming his beard into those sharp thin lines, that I think is sexy on some men. On him, it makes him look long in the face and creepy.

Abi, and now that youre single, consider it open season with you and the customers. He winks. My jaw drops to the floor along with my stomach. Splat. Single. What? Blink blink no, come on he did not say what I think he said. Six years, six years of devotion, of putting him first, he didnt even respect me enough or have the decency to break up with me in person. To be an adult about all this and talk in person, in private. No, he did do this, spread the rumor so he wouldnt have to face me.

A note, a text, a freaking voicemail. Anything, other than second hand, from a slime ball, at work. Did everyone know? I know I should have known he would do something like this after six years of knowing him. But what was Lucas playing at here? I deepen breaths as flashes of memories flood in. Something inside breaks loose. Everything I have blocked, stuffed, and repressed clashing, throbbing. I was being ripped and turned inside out in a matter of seconds that felt like hours. I feel like I have been flattened.

When I start to calm from my panic, my eyes are wide open. My racing heart falls into a steady rhythm, my head clears, I straighten, standing taller. Oh hell no. He was here somewhere. He had a fight tonight. He wouldnt be drinking yet. I was shattering to pieces, trembling from head to toe, but there was something else mixed in with it.

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