Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sensuous Interview of Dilys J. Carnie

Hello everyone, please welcome Dilys J Carnie to Sensuous Promos today as he/she shares with us a little bit about themselves and their work. 

Dilys, thank you for joining us today. I know the readers are eager to get to know you , so let’s get started. 

Can you tell us a little bit about where you are from?

Since the age of 11 I have lived on a small island called Anglesey here in North Wales. I thought it was only right that I shared with you all a few stories about this beautiful place I call home.

Anglesey (Ynys Mon) is situated of the North West coast of Wales and has two bridges spanning the Menai Straits connecting it to the mainland. Anglesey has six mountains situated to the North side of the island the highest being Mynydd Bodafon at 178 meters.

Anglesey is approximately 20 miles by 20 miles...about 400 square miles.

Almost the entire coastline of Anglesey is designated as an area of outstanding beauty
 and it is an island full of nature walks with a natural wildlife population. We have our own language which 70% of the population speak. 

It is also the home of our royal couple Prince William and his bride Kate who are already familiar figures to be seen around the island.

Anglesey is a place to get away from it all, to relax and enjoy the island’s exceptional beauty.

What does your writing desk look like? What would we find on it right this minute? (Have fun with this question. If your desk is a mess, tell us! J include a picture if you’d like)

My desk is a mess when I am working. At the moment I am working on three manuscripts and I have character sheets everywhere. Coffee as always at my side, I couldn’t function without it. My debt cards because I’d just bought some books to read over Christmas and my vitamin tablets because if I put them away I forget to take them. My office is a little space under the stairs as I live in a very small welsh cottage that isn’t big enough to swing a cat in let alone bring up two children one of whom is five foot eleven. You just have to look at the picture…it’s pretty self-explanatory lol

Do you have any news you’d like to share with us?

I’ve just signed a three book deal with Beachwalk Press…that was and is exciting!

At what point did you first consider yourself a writer?

As soon as I had my first book published in November 2012…It was such an exciting thrill to see and a few months later hold my book with my name in my hands.

Do you have a specific writing style? In other words, are you a plotter or a pantser?

I’m both plotter and punster. I start out with character sheets but end up changing so much that the book is unrecognizable to my first jottings. I like it when my characters take me on there journey…

Is there a message in your book(s) that you want readers to grasp?

Life stinks sometimes and we lose our way. When someone reads my book I want them to feel warm, happy and hopeful that there are happy endings and there not just for books.

How much of your book(s) have a bit of you in the characters?

I guess there are bits and pieces of me in there, life experiences are what makes us able to tell the stories we write with feeling and knowledge.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Nora Roberts

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

Maria Force…The Gansett Island stories

Where can our readers find you on the world wide web?


Take a look at Dilys' latest release: 

Picture Her past destroys her confidence for the future.
But when she meets the giant of a man Corey, her heart beats a little faster. Then the doubt sets in and she refuses to acknowledge any kind of chemistry. No man would look at her, and she had a son…a son that she was fighting to keep.
He tries to fight what he feels, but he has serious doubts at his resistance.
Corey finds a part of him he didn’t know existed and can’t help falling in deeper than he ever thought possible. Trying to come to terms with his feelings brings him a peace of mind that was totally unexpected. And when an old enemy of Beth’s turns up on the doorstep he steps forward to put an end to her past. Will this be the beginning to their future together?



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Thank you for being our guest today, Dilys. :-)

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