Monday, December 23, 2013

Book Spotlight ~ Lost by Kayden McLeod

Genre: Vampire Menage
(Erotica, MF, MMF)
The first book in the Lost Trilogy

Have you ever been curious about the Fetish scene? About having the attention of the hottest deadliest vampires out there, all out for your pleasure? Well, Sara lives that life daily. It’s normally good to her, but one night the delicate stability in which the entire scene balances blows up in her face, and turns her world upside down, until she doesn’t know which way is up. Her boyfriend Gene senses her disquiet, and turns his attention to where her veiled interests now lay. Loren is a rich cultured four-century-old vampire, who has his sights set on Sara, and has made it his prerogative have her at any cost.


Publisher: New Dawning
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Excerpt Rated R/XXX

“Baby, I’m horny.” Gene turned to me with deep hunger in his eyes.
Wait, did he just call me baby?
I touched his mind without the conscious decision to do so. Images of the blonde rode him hard as he looked at me. I don’t think I could’ve adequately explained how small and inferior this had made me feel. Also, strangely possessive. As if I had something to prove. Oh, don’t get me started on my stubborn streak.
Did I really mean so little to him, that he couldn’t even pretend not to want someone else more than he wanted me? Had he conveniently forgotten his mind was my playground? Fuck that! Righteous anger flicked through me, mixed with a determination to expel my second round of insecurity for the night. Not a good combination. Though I’ll never admit to this out loud, anger would leave me prone to acts of great stupidity.
“Baby?” Gene whispered. That sensual ache in his voice. When had he last used it with me? I wanted to hear it again.
“What?” I replied. Damn it! Did my voice just crack with lust?
His hand wrapped around the back of my neck, and drew me forward. His kiss was tentative, not quite sweet, but something like it. Felt good. False, but good. His lips moved over mine until he’d gained an honest response.
I forgot about Carl. Gene had caught me at my most vulnerable, and unknowingly exploited it. I growled against his mouth, while his other hand slid down my back.
I drowned in him, bringing back memories of a better time. The welcome, instant relief soothed so much. I could pretend our relationship wasn’t hell, torture. Just for a minute.
He raised his head, a dazed grin on his full now black cherry stained lips. Did he feel it too? I blinked, running my hand across his slightly bearded face. His eyes warmed for the first time in as long as I could recall.
“You liked that,” he said.
I just smiled.
“Do you want to play?” He trailed his fingers down the edge of the material covering my body, and then paused to wait.
I stiffened. “With?”
He ripped open my robe and stared at my partially naked body. He turned me, so my back rested against Carl’s side, under his arm. Carl jumped. So did I.
“Like I said, great tits.” He blinked, but his expression remained unreadable and neutral.
Gene bent over me, tongue sliding into my mouth, hand cupping my breast, tweaking my nipple. “Carl?”
“Would you fuck my woman,” he asked.

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CJ Dennis said...

This one sounds fantastic! I'm going to have to add it to my ever growing TBR list!

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