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Book Spotlight ~ Bella Signorina by Denysé Bridger

Inspired by music…
(A look at where the story was born)

Back in 2006 a young Italian singer by the name of Patrizio Buanne had come onto the international music scene. He was an old style singer, with a powerful and seductive voice, rich in emotion and range. He was in his mid-twenties then, and had just recorded his second album, a collection called Forever Begins Tonight. It was on this CD that a particular song caught my imagination, with the story it told and the romanticism of the tale. Bella Bella Signorina was one of the most popular songs on this CD, and remains a fan favourite. For me, the more I listened to the song, the more certain I was that I wanted to write a story. I met Patrizio after concert in April of 2007, and by then the story had come into being in my mind. I asked for, and was given permission to use a few lines from the lyrics of the song as the framework for the story I wanted.

Later in the summer, I wrote the first draft of Bella Signorina and after getting the properly signed release from the copyright holder, it was submitted to a publisher. The decision was made the “tone down” the sensuality of the story and make it a sweetheart story, so any sexual overtone were removed, leaving the romantic fantasy to play out like a song. The book held the #1 best-seller spot for over six months, but went largely unnoticed, despite good reviews. I revised the story after the contract expired, and it was released again. This time it was largely unnoticed.

So, when I finally located the file of the original story and had the chance to read this story the way it was originally written, I thought this time it could be released as it was meant to be. Eirelander was willing to give the sexy, sensual version a home at last.

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Exclusive excerpt:

It was by chance and circumstance that I should meet her
Who would suspect I’d be infected by her fever

            Bianca flowed into the smooth steps, once again caught in the magic that was dance, music, and Stefano’s presence together. It was an exhilarating mix, one that sent pulses of warmth and elation through her entire body. For a moment, she permitted her mind to examine how easily she’d fallen into his enchantment. He was a stranger to her, yet she felt more at ease, more complete with him than she did with anyone in her life. In the short time they’d been together, she felt like she’d recognized his soul because it was a reflection of her own.
            Even the motion of their dance was effortless, their bodies moving like one, in perfect synch. She closed her eyes, breathed in his nearness, shuddering against him as the sensation of pleasure fanned outward. He pulled her tighter to him and she sighed, barely aware of the soft murmur of sound, then he kissed her temple and slowly stopped moving so that they stood, wrapped in each other’s arms. Silence gradually blanketed them, but she made no effort to step away, or to open her eyes and end the gentle perfection of the moment they’d become suspended within.
            “What are you thinking about?”
            She trembled against him when he spoke softly into her ear, his voice rough with emotion.
            “Everything,” she finally forced the word into audible reality, then added, “nothing.”
            She felt his laughter, the sweet sound of it as it filled her mind, and the flow of motion as his chest expanded with it.
            “Why do I feel like I know you, Bianca?”
            She finally lifted her head and looked up at him, instantly caught in the tide of his deep blue gaze. She wanted to say something, anything at all, but her voice refused to work. Stefano’s hands framed her face and he smiled before he lowered his mouth to cover hers. The sweet, sudden shock of contact was electric, and she gasped when the tip of his tongue traced the curve of her bottom lip, then slid into her mouth and coaxed hers into an erotic, sensual exploration.
            It was an endless sensation of growing warmth, and Bianca let herself be swept into it. Her arms rose, wrapped around his neck and she melted into him, accepting the inevitability of what was happening. Part of her had been waiting for this moment from the instant she’d first seen him. Her entire body woke to his touch, and the slow drift of his hands as he began to learn her shape. Her mind stopped thinking and she allowed the sweet rushes of need evoked by his caresses to become the only reality in her world.
            His name shuddered from her lips when he ended their kiss and his mouth sought the wildly beating pulse at her neck. The dizzying excitement took another erratic leap inside her and she thought she’d faint at the tidal wave of longing that swept through her when his fingers finally smoothed over the weight of her breasts in a delicate stroke. She actually stumbled back when he went suddenly still, and his hands dropped away from her.
            “This is happening too quickly.”
            She heard the rasp of denied passion in his voice, and stared, too dazed to form a coherent thought. She agreed with him. Some inner voice was in complete accord with him. But it was the loss of his touch that screamed louder in her brain at that moment.
            “Why did you bring me here?” She almost choked the words out, her voice sounding mildly strangled to her own ears.
            “I wanted to make love to you.”
            “And now you don’t?” It shouldn’t have been an accusation. It felt like one anyway. She had allowed herself to hope again, to feel things she often denied. Stefano's withdrawal played on all her fears, even if he couldn't possibly know that.
            “Not like this.”
            His calm enraged her. She was so far from her own composure, the evidence of his lack of turmoil was infuriating. Shaking violently, Bianca imposed more distance, walking several feet away from him. His misery was in his eyes as he watched her, and waited for her to say something that would ease the heavy tension between them now. She refused to give him the truce he wanted.
            “Buona notte.” The word was stiff and formal, her tone sharp.
            She ignored him and swept aside his outstretched hand as she strode past him, desperate to escape the beautiful gallery that was a tribute to romance, as well as the stunning, handsome man who embodied it. When she was in the street, coat and bag in hand, she felt the first tears spill from her eyes. He wasn’t attempting to come after her.
            As she took out her phone to call a taxi, she pretended that the sense of shattering like fine crystal wasn’t hovering heartbeats away. She’d examine that devastation when she was safely away from Stefano Esposito and his apparent rejection of her.
            “You can’t leave like this, bella.”
            She hadn’t heard him, and whirled around at the soft plea in his voice.
            “I can leave, Stefano, and I intend to,” she replied, grateful when the words came out quietly, not as a shriek, as they felt inside her.
            “Come back inside, Bianca. Please?”
            Pride wanted to make her refuse, but the more honest part of her knew she didn’t want the night to end like this, with so much confusion and anger between them, when there had been so much passion and understanding so short a time ago. More tears slipped from her eyes and trailed the contours of her cheeks. The expression on his face made her heart beat faster again when he stepped close to her and held her face between his hands, his thumbs brushing aside the moisture.
            “Please?” He whispered the word, eyes making the request a command. “I will not ask again, bella. Not even for you.”

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Want to know more? The dance is only beginning for Bianca and Stefano, drop by Eirelander Publishing and indulge the fantasy more… This book is also available in AUDIO if you’d rather listen to the romance unfolding…

“Live the Romance, Become the Fantasy...”
** Predators & Editors Best Author 2012 **

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Nicole Noffsinger said...

I have read this book and I adore it! I love the picturesque journey that I go on when I turn the page as well as the sensual and passionate love story between Bella and Stefan.

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